Webpage Monitoring Services : Detects & Notifies Page Updates / Changes

Many readers have asked me how to keep updated with frequently updated list of tools which you see the popular list in the right side in a simple manner. Is there a tool which will inform you by email when a page is updated?

There are several page monitoring tools, which track changes made on a specific web page and when they detect a change, they send you an email when it happens. What is common with all these services is that you need to register first, enter your email and the page you want to track – as simple as that. You can add multiple pages and websites to the list. You also decide how frequently and in what detail you want to track these changes. Webmasters can add a button next to post to allow readers to easily subscribe to updates.

I have used free tools like WatchThatPage to keep track of such pages. Add a WatchThatPage sticker to your pages, and let your users have the ability to get notified when the pages change. ChangeDetection, TrackEngine, ChangeDetect are other such services.

There is an extensive list of such tools with a short review of each which helps to keep you updated. It is different from subscribing to a feed, which sends you only updated new posts, whereas these webpage monitoring services detect changes even if the post is few years old and you can monitor any webpage you like.

Give it a try and you whenever I add a new tool to these frequently updated pages, you get an email informing you of the update.

One comment on “Webpage Monitoring Services : Detects & Notifies Page Updates / Changes

  1. Arnoldo Halse says:

    I landed on this website from MSN after searching for an option to WatchThatPage given that WTP has crashed. I found myself signing up with ChangeDetect. This is a superior program, however in contrast to the statements on their internet site is not totally free. But at least the site is working for watching web content updates.

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