Why You Should Buy A Mac Computer

The punchline is “All those reasons you never bought a Mac? Not true anymore.” I found this nice article on the Apple website while checking out to buy a new Macintosh computer, better known as a Mac.

Read along Why You’ll Love a Mac which highlights some cool features about Mac computers which the PC lacks. Undoubtedly Mac computers and laptops have remarkable beauty and powerful features.

I personally have been using Microsoft Windows for a long time and was reluctant for the switch to a new software computing platform, but recently Bootcamp can install Windows XP on Apple Mac Computers. So that is another incentive to Windows Fans to switch to a Mac.

And when they say – 114,000 Viruses? Not on a Mac. Seem very true, since there was lot of buzz amongst antivirus software manufacturers about the virus which infected Macs some time back.

I particularly like the drivers tips

On a Mac, a USB, FireWire, or Ethernet cables all you need. Plug one end into the device. Connect the other end to your Mac. And youre good to go. You can have absolute confidence in your Mac because it comes prepared with all the drivers youre likely to need for the peripheral devices one generally connects to computers.

Apple is well known for its recycling programs, and they plan to offer a free computer take-back program for U.S. customers who buy a new Mac computer through the Apple Store or an Apple retail store. Buy A Mac today.

6 comments on “Why You Should Buy A Mac Computer

  1. Jesse says:

    It’ll also cost you double what a Windows computer would

    no thanks

  2. Tony says:

    I just got a new Intel Core Duo iMac. One bit of advise for those looking at the new iMac:

    If you’re planning to do video editing (home movies from your DV camera, perhaps), or lots of image processing (from a digital pro-sumer or digital SLR camera,perhaps), then by all means upgrade to the 500GB internal drive (largest available when I purchased…get whatever is the largest at the time.) And get the upgraded memory on the video card.

    The only user-accessible upgrade on the new Intel iMac is the RAM, so upgrading the internal drive after the fact would be a royal pain most likely requiring a certified technician.

    The reason I highly recommend the 500GB internal drive, as that it would be the best drive to use as your digital media scratch disk. Movie editing software (iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc.) use a ton of disc space to help it process video. Lots of reads and writes. So, speed is very important.

    My plan was to use my (2) existing external FireWire drives…which would be fine…BUT, the internal drives on the new iMac are Serial ATA (SATA), which is 4 times faster than FireFire 400 (and twiice as fast as FireWire 800), and more than 4x faster than USB 2.0. So, the interal SATA drive is the best drive to use for processing large files. Once you’re done with a project, you can archive it to an external FireWire or USB 2 drive, but there’s nothing like the speed of an internal SATA drive when you’re actually doing your work.

  3. Cullen says:

    Contrary to popular myth, no, it own’t cost you double than a PC, because MACS come ready to rock right out of the box. You don’t need to purchase any additional software. To get the software need to make a PC do what a MAC does out of the box, you’ll far exceed the cost of a new MAC. Not to mention your time spent trouble shooting the problems that the PC is going to give you when you install all of that software that it probably wasn’t designed to run anyway.

    You want to save money by purchasing a PC? Go ahead. Mac users will get more work done better and faster – have fun with your clunker that you saved so much money on.

  4. Donald says:

    -First off a computer is a computer, it’s just a collection of hardware, with a Mac you almost have no choice of customer hardware, with a PC you can pick the mother board, ram maker etc, so you can get better quality parts with a PC. These higher quality parts are cheaper then a mac’s default no choice parts. (notice macs are using intel chips now emulating the better gear?)

    -PC’s can be upgraded, expanded, modified, repaired faster, easier and cheaper, just run down to your local store, pick up your part, plug it in away you go, very basic simple work vs big hassle of doing this with a mac.

    -They say mac’s can’t get virus’s, maybe because hardly anyone uses macs and most use pc’s? Even with a real virus like a cold for example, if you enter a room with 2 people your chances of getting a cold is low, if you enter a room with 98 people your chances just up big time!

    I mean they use this virus fact to their advantage as a pro but it’s like saying….. I got rid of my car and got a bike to avoid high gas prices. You give up alot to remain virus free AND alot to not have a car like in the example.

    Alot of the software out there can’t be used on a mac, they say you can run windows but……….. it’s emulated so that means that the windows you choose to run is slower, more buggy and errored, and you must ask yourself this…. I just purchased a mac thats much more expensive then a pc with better hardware in quality and stats to run windows, why did i do this?

  5. Jake says:

    You know I have been thinking about getting a MacBook. It is similar in price to the wonderful Dell Studio XPS 13. However, I do see what most people are saying. Why pay double the price for similar hardware when all that is different is the more durable and much better looking Apple case. As far as software is concerned I don’t buy into the fact that PC users have to buy som much more software to be able to match the computing capabilities of a Mac. I also disagree with some comments that PC users have to spend countless hours installing software. Have you ever thought about the fact that most people who use Apples are not computer literate. They do not know how to upgrade their computer much less troubleshoot it. When Apple first started out it was aimed at the large population of computer users who (for lack of a better word) were idiots. These are the people who do not know how to turn on a computer. These are the people who use the CD tray to hold their coffee mug. Apple made a lot of money marketing to novice computer users. So I don’t want to hear people continue to say that Apples are better than PC’s…because they are not. Although, I can see how some would think so. If only one company made PC’s then I’m sure they would do just as good a job as Apple. However, the price would be artificially high due to lack of competition. What you fail to mention is that only smart computer users use PCs. Oh and they like to save a few bucks doing it. Lol! You know when you go to a mechanic and you have to pay alot for their services because you are not able to fix your car by yourself. Well Apple charges a premium to novice computer users and they keep coming back for more. Of course I’m not a novice computer user. I have built several computers installed several operating systems. No, the reason I’m leaning toward buying a Mac now is because my girlfriend wants one and well, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do if he wishes to get….anyway. If Apples come down in price I’m sure more people will buy them. Then the end of Microsoft will finally come. Until then Microsoft will continue to dominate the computer landscape.

  6. Marcia says:

    Well, I thnk if you like to tinker with computers, look under the hood, fix it on a weekly basis, trouble shoot, upgrade… then go for the PC. But if you want a computer to actually use it on a day to day basis … with no problems. And if you do get problems you get awesome customer support and reapirs… that you don’t have to pull your hair out over of loose a day of work fixing…. then get a Mac. The awe factor will make you want to go to work or want to play (which ever you’re doing). So yeah I guess there’s two schools of thought… if you like to work on comptuers… get a PC… if you like to use comptuers… get Mac!

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