10% PCs Run Windows 7: Fastest Selling OS in History

Is anyone buying Windows 7? Microsoft says Windows 7 is selling out and more than 10% of all PCs worldwide are running Windows 7 making it the fastest-selling operating system in history!

Microsoft reported its record third quarter revenues of $14.50 billion for the quarter ended Mar. 31, 2010, a 6% increase from the same period of the prior year.

Windows 7 continues to be a growth engine, but we also saw strong growth in other areas like Bing search, Xbox LIVE and our emerging cloud services,” said Peter Klein, chief financial officer at Microsoft. “Our record third-quarter revenue along with continued rigor on cost management resulted in exceptional EPS growth.”

Windows revenue was up 28%, compared with the same quarter a year earlier, driven by strong demand for Windows 7. More than 10% of all PCs worldwide are running Windows 7 today, making Windows 7 by far the fastest-selling operating system in history.

“Business customers are beginning to refresh their desktops and the momentum of Windows 7 continues to be strong,” said Kevin Turner, chief operating officer.

The Windows Team confirms that “Exactly 6 months after the launch on October 22, 2009, we’ve sold well over 100 million licenses of Windows 7. To put that in context, more than 10% of all PCs worldwide are already running Windows 7 today.”

Last year you could download the Window 7 release candidate free to test and try. Now you can download the upgrade advisor and see if you can upgrade your Windows Vista to Windows 7. And if you are already on Windows 7, download the Microsoft TouchPack for Windows 7 for touch enabled devices. I guess all those Windows 7 parties worked in selling out Windows 7.

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