Eat Windows 7 Whopper Burger at Burger King Japan

Did you know that Microsoft Windows 7 Launch Promo tie-up with Burger King Japan has created the Windows 7 Whopper Burger. Loaded with 7 meaty layers, Burger King is selling out Windows 7 Whopper burgers quickly over the last few weeks.

windows7 whopper burger

Visit the Burger King Japan website and eat the huge Windows 7 Whopper… it costs ¥1450 Yen, loaded with 7 patties and is 5-inches tall!

So if you hosted a Windows 7 party and then got a Windows 7 Whopper, surely you will buy Windows 7 now.

2 comments on “Eat Windows 7 Whopper Burger at Burger King Japan

  1. David Walker says:

    I’d like the burger, seven patties in all, extra cheese, 2120 calories and lots of ketchup….Buy Windows 7? No way! :)

    • Fernando Avirez says:

      Hmmm, I really wonder why not buy Windows7. It’s as fast as XP but has the thrills of vista. It’s a pitty you didn’t elaborate on why you wouldn’t buy it …

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