All Blogs Get Short Urls

All blogs and pages now have their own short urls. Automattic decided to follow the short url craze and now grants urls to all permalinks in blogs, giving more branding to these WP blogs.

Firstly claims to be the only two-letter .me domain in the world! From now on every blog and post on will have a URL, which will be linked in the <head> section of the webpage html using rel=shortlink. WordPress promises these permalinks will stay around the internet forever and they will regularly monitor these urls for spam.

So can you get a  short url for your blog? Sorry, urls will only work for hosted  blogs.


Where is the url? Click the “Get Shortlink” button next to your permalink when you edit or write a post, and when you click it you’ll get a popup with the link.

4 comments on “All Blogs Get Short Urls

  1. puma says:

    it seem to be interesting people love to have short urls, even though I, will definetly by one…

  2. publishguy says:

    this like url short like tinyurl?

  3. onitsuka tiger says:

    er,short url is convenient to search..

  4. onitsuka by tiger says:

    wordpress is a good blog system.short url made search quick & easy

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