WorldBlu Most Democratic Workplaces 2008


WorldBlu has announced the second annual List of Most Democratic Workplaces as a part of Democracy in the Workplace initiative. The WorldBlu List 2008 is the result of WorldBlu’s global search for organizations practicing democracy in the workplace.

Organizations took the WorldBlu Democratic Workplace Scorecard and scored in the top level, were identified as the most democratic workplaces in the world. Democracy in the Workplace is gradually becoming a global movement towards creating workplaces that fully engage employees, giving them a voice and a stake in the outcome of their work and choose freedom rather than fear.

Hey! even our web hosting service Dreamhost is a Democratic workplace (another reason to love Dreamhost). Some other cool sites I found are BzzAgent (word-of-mouth media network), Linden Lab (Creator of SecondLife), MindValley (turns ideas into profitable internet businesses), Zimbio (browse online magazines). If you are a democratic workplace, you too can apply for WorldBlu List 2009


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  1. Traci Fenton says:

    Thanks so much for helping us spread the word about democracy in the workplace Quick Online Tips! We sure do appreciate it!

    Take care,
    Traci Fenton
    Founder, WorldBlu

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