WorldSpace Satellite Radio: 24 Hours Ad Free Music Channels

I recently installed the Worldspace Satellite Radio in my room and now enjoy 24 hours advertisement free radio channels. Now I listen to jazz, pop, rock or bollywood music whenever I want.

In India, though there is a wide array of free FM radio channels broadcasting lots of Indian music like Red FM, Radio City, Radio Mirchi etc. they have lots of advertisements and radio jockey idle talk breaking the flow of music. Moreover, depending on the radio show, you might have a mix of love songs, country music, jazz etc. all mixed together, with intervening news and talk shows.

WorldSpace Satellite Radio

The wonder of Worldspace Satellite Radio is classifies radio channels by music type, like Jhankar for latest Bollywood music, Farishta for old hindi music, with separate channels for regional indian music like Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi, Malyalam etc. There is a whole host of English music channels divided into country music, jazz, pop, rock etc. There are news channels like NDTV, sports channels, spiritual channels and indian classical music too…

All these run 24 hours throughout the day, without any advertisements or unnecessary radio jockey talk. The music output is amazing because it is digital quality music decoded from a satellite.

You have a choice of two radio receivers, Diva I without speakers (Rs.1500), Diva II with speakers (Rs.2500). You can attach the equipment to your hi-fi stereo music system and get the amplified sound your speakers can output. A satellite antenna has to be connected, placed in an open area facing the satellite in the sky.

Subscription Fees – A Silver Package offers 39 Channels and is priced at Rs.1000 for six months, Rs.1800 for one year and Rs.3250 for two years subscription. Add on the Gold package for five more Special Channels – Bloomberg, Fox News, Talk Sports, Infusion and BBC global news for an additional of Rs.1350 for 6 months and at Rs.2700 for one year.

Update: WorldSpace Satellite Radio is now shut down.

6 comments on “WorldSpace Satellite Radio: 24 Hours Ad Free Music Channels

  1. kshitij sharma says:

    i love hindi songs

  2. Madhusuudan says:

    I’ve been using WS Radio since two years, listening to the Farista channel regularly. Surprisingly I’ve hardly heard Peenaz Masani’s Gazals. I’m a lover of her voice & style. Request with WS Radio is to incorporate her gazals too. I wonder Jagjeet’s gazals are broadcasted in a large proportion. Why?

  3. anand says:

    i like hindi music

  4. khandarafridi says:

    i love urdu songs

  5. aravindan says:

    is the WorldSpace Satellite Radio still in service?

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