Worldwide Online Firefox 2 Party


Firefox 2 final is due for release anyday now. All over the world, people are celebrating the launch of Firefox 2 by hosting or attending a firefox party. Since many will not be able to attend any of the larger Firefox 2.0 parties, Spread firefox reports they have created a Worldwide Online Fx 2 Party.

“This will be an all day online party hosted by There’s an Fx 2 Party Forum set up where we can all hook up in one place in the forums at As the host, I’m offering an incentive to join, so to the person who creates the best Firefox 2.0 summary that explains the advantages of Fx 2.0 over IE7, Iím giving away a free one monthís subscription to, and youíll have your summary posted in Mouse Runnerís Firefox Guide.”

I see they have updated the referral buttons and banners too…
Firefox 2Firefox 2


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