WPMUDEV Premium: Subscription Service for WordPress MultiUser

WordPress MU, or WordPress Multiuser, lets you create thousands of WordPress blogs with unlimited users with a single installation. WPMUDEV Premium is a subscription service that offers custom plugins, functionality and support for WordPress MultiUser (WPMU).

Jointly developed by Andrew Billits and James Farmer, they introduced WPMUDEV Premium to take WordPress MultiUser (WPMU) to a new level. The WPMUDEV Premium subscription is available for $50 for a month, $100 for 3 months and $250 a year. The fee lets you download and use custom plugins (in as many of your personal projects as you like) that range from tracking blog activity to generating friend requests and mailing all your users. It provides theme packs, unbranded support videos that you can repackage and hacks to the core of WPMU to boost site performance.

Lorelle provides a background of the development of this service.

“Before WordPress.com was Edublogs, the first fully functional version of WordPressMU to be put to the test. WordPress.com has built up their WordPressMU model to include over 1 million bloggers and many WordPress.com VIP Hosted blogs including several from CNN and Yahoo. Farmer and Billits have taken and expanded the WordPressMU program to host four different free blogging services with tens of thousands of bloggers from all over the world and all ages, and they want to bring that expertise to other groups and businesses for a modest support and development fee.”

The FAQ clarifies that if you do decide to unsubscribe from WPMUDEV Premium, you may continue to use the plugins but you won’t have access to upgrades or support until you resubscribe. Enhance the functionality of your WordPress MU installation with custom plugins today.

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