WpSender2.1 Soft: Auto Submits WordPress Comments

I have been recieving some WordPress spam comments originating from a new automatic comment submitting tool called WpSender2.1 Soft. Akismet has still not started marking them as spam.


The comments are automatically (its actually automaticilly, note the wrong spelling) submitted by the software WpSender2.1 Soft, uses different domain names, and some randomly generated numbered email, and usually the same name. It seems the tool is available for $10 when you email them.

A quick Google Search reveals that such comments are being posted on several blogs and are also being indexed by Google. After hundreds of paid comments spammed our blog using buy quality comments services, we have become wary of any suspicious comments. Are you getting such comments?

31 comments on “WpSender2.1 Soft: Auto Submits WordPress Comments

  1. Lawrence says:

    Not yet. Not on my .ro / english blogs at least.
    But I think it’s something “normal”. Every time a good CMS like wordpress takes off and gets used by lots of people there will be other people trying to exploit it’s weaknesses.

    If wpsender gets to be used by a lot of people akismet will have a hard time blocking them. The messages will come from differents hosts / IPs with different messages. Unless it has a specific header / behavior it can get impossible to catch.

  2. Altaf Sayani says:

    I am too getting the same spam comments on my blog too :( Its becoming hard and hard to handle these spams, as particualr softwares are launching to do spamming jobs automatically.

  3. Ryan @ Linkbuildr says:

    Just got hit with this today and Askimet didn’t pick it up either. I’m using Intense Debate for my comments so I just blocked it with that for now. Hopefully Askimet hurries up and puts this in its watch list. At least you’re ranking no 1 in Google so less people will get their hands on this lame software.

  4. Tinh says:

    Damn spammers, I would use WP Ban to ban theme all. Thanks

  5. simple life says:

    I am getting the same spam comments on my blog too :(~
    But Askimet pick it up.

  6. Ajay says:

    Haven’t received any such comment. Haven’t checked the spam queue for this however.

    My main irritation is the number of “relevant” comments which are actually spammy.

  7. iddaa says:

    ddaa, iddia, iddaa sonuçlar?, maç sonuçlar?

  8. Gobala Krishnan says:

    Exactly why I’m reading this page now. Got the same comments but apparently the price is now $20. Googled it and found this post.

  9. Lloyd Lopez says:

    I just got several comments just today. The IP of the spammer is

  10. tonyrocks says:

    Yep! Just got 2 today.

  11. JC says:

    Yeah I got it too and it says $20 not $10. Seems there is a slight price change. lol@

  12. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Yes, a fresh wave of these comments has started again and now they charge $20. Seem to be getting popular. A few comments always slip through moderation.

  13. Toolee says:

    a bad news for wordpress

  14. Avait_12515842 says:

    I am very sorry that you, my comments have caused trouble to the software to you.
    @ _ @

  15. chamid says:

    good news for spammer :(

  16. Limewire says:

    Yes, these stupid comments are all over the place.

    My anti-spam plugin shows 14,654 blocked comments lol.

    Ain’t too shabby isn’t it lol

  17. Bouncy Castle Hire Weston-Super-Mare says:

    Askimet seems to pick up most of these, because normally the Name is the softwares name, only the website is the url link…

    Who knows, all I know is without spam the internet would be a wonderful place !!

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  20. sofie says:

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  21. Smart Car Care says:

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  22. Chau Nguyen says:

    Most of them are filtered by Askimet, not useful

  23. Cevdet Engin says:

    Güzel bilgi teşekkürler admin.

  24. fotka says:

    What is Askimet ?

  25. GyratoryTech says:

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  26. IN.MG Domain says:

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  27. laptop tamiri says:

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  28. Robert Steers says:

    Do you not have anything like Akismet?

  29. Shafi says:

    Really these spams are annoying in my site.I am using Akismet.Is there any special way to stop these??

  30. Apps Market says:

    Damn spammer, very spammer spam my site with this :(

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