Yahoo! Avatar Towns: New Virtual World

Yahoo! launched new Avatar Towns, a virtual world designed especially for your Avatar fashion needs. Drop in to different stores to find just the right outfit for the virtual you. Cruise by Island Style to find the perfect swimsuit, or jog into Top Score for some sporty attire. What is your Avatar style?

Yahoo! Avatar Towns

Watch this video to see how user can change their Yahoo Avatar and move around Yahoo! Avatar towns and enjoy the new virtual world which they created.

15 comments on “Yahoo! Avatar Towns: New Virtual World

  1. Rio Grand Kid says:

    Not to be to impolite, but the avatar towns are not so fun. they have what you can get on the avatar pages. so what is the point? it would be be better if they had different items that arn’t in the avatar page.

  2. Julia Lands says:

    AWSOME!I rocks I love it I go on it every day!

    Love Julia Lands

  3. anisa says:

    it’s ok but there could be some more things

  4. tyra sutherland says:

    i dont like avatar town that much but i used too

  5. D.P.O. says:

    avatar towns is very dum because it didn’t have cool stuff

  6. mikaehla says:

    can i play this cause it really looks a nice game isit online? ty


  7. marie says:

    i dont like it there could be way more stuff added to it like malls, food courts, places to feed your pet and play with your pet, parks to take a walk, and maybe cars to drive around. there should be different states and countries in avatar town that you can sight see in. on the whole avatar town could be much better.

  8. Nickie says:

    I agree there should be more stores…avatar town isn’t so fun…cute but boring…even if they added games or something it would be more fun…I like was Marie said…more things to do then just shop and new outfits and other apparel.

  9. anna bella love says:

    oh and their should be people instead of you it looks lonely i am looking for a bf but cant find one or somebody to email back and forth.

  10. jemina says:

    is the yahoo avatar town is a game?

  11. Sheren says:

    Well i cant get back to avatar towns how do i get there? cause if i click the word Avatar Town it always have an error

  12. glowgirl says:

    somebody help i cant get int avatar town

  13. kiana says:

    so this is like a pageant virtual world

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