Yahoo! Messenger Retires Older Versions

Yahoo! Messenger will officially retire older versions 5.5 and 5.6 of the popular IM software. This means that users of these outdated versions will not be able to login into Yahoo Messenger after April 2, 2008.

This is good tactic by Yahoo! to force Instant messaging users to upgrade. The latest Yahoo! Messenger versions are essential since they have enhanced security and better protection from spam. New versions are definitely more fun with a bigger collection of emoticons and of course the popular built-in voice feature with very low call rates, and the enhanced ability to chat with Windows Live Messenger users. You can also share and chat about photos, and browse your Address Book right in the Messenger window!

So go ahead and download the latest version for free. Not only does it have more features to enjoy chatting online, but is safer too – protecting your privacy and blocking spam.

If downloading software is not your style, you can access Yahoo! Messenger for the Web and chat with this popular IM tool from any browser, anywhere in the world without needing any software.

8 comments on “Yahoo! Messenger Retires Older Versions

  1. FileMaker Freeware says:

    I guess the older version may also contain now fixed security vulnerabilities, so forcing an upgrade to the latest versions remove these problems from their network.

  2. Hootie says:

    I’m not sure its a good idea to retire older versions, right now i just uninstalled an old version of YIM and now i can’t download the new 8.1 version. My comp tries to d/l the files but just keeps skipping from 1% to 3% then 100% but never finishes or opens anything. I’ve had this problem with downloading newer versions before so i was always stuck using the original version i started with 5 yrs ago. Now im not able to get a new YIM at all.

  3. Michael says:

    I use an older laptop that runs Windows NT 4.0, and since the new versions don’t support NT and Messenger on the Web requires Adobe flash 9 which doesn’t work on NT either I won’t be using Yahoo messenger anymore.

  4. Keith says:

    Whoever wrote this article is very misinformed. Forcing people to ugrade to poorer versions of YM is NOT a good thing. You mentioned enhanced security, but the fact of the matter is their is now LESS security than ever before. With the older versions you could go into a chatroom and close off your pm’s. Now you CAN’T. Before if a flooder(booter) came into the room or scrolled. It would be autoignored. Now everyone gets blocked from even manually ignoring the flooder with a stupid dialogue box that says “you cant ignore yourself” well DOH!

    And as for the spam. Humans are required to waste time putting in passcodes, while the bots that spam have free rein on chat…GO FIGURE!.

    As the saying goes “If it’s not broke don’t fix it”’s so called improvements are actually a step back. The newer versions are worse than they have ever been.

    How did I wind up here? I’m looking for an oder version to reinstall..LOL

  5. Bob DeLoyd says:

    The newest version didn’t work on my friends older computer running Win98SE. So I’m going to tell her to try Messenger 6 or 7.You can download at


  6. rose says:

    I uninstalled my Yahoo IM because the one I had was constantly crashing…. now I cant Install it again because it gets stuck at 100% and never finishes!! GREAT JOB YAHOO! THANKS!

  7. rhanu says:

    I’m not sure to use YM older it’s meaning there are some feature in new version not in old version. But I friend tell that YM in new version still not stabil. And I still research what trouble …., some feature is easy infected by virus ….. and alwyas restrart YM …
    So maybe anybody can explain me maybe there is something that I have to avoid in my system ?….

  8. Kız Barbie Oyunları says:

    As the saying goes “If it’s not broke don’t fix it”’s so called improvements are actually a step back. The newer versions are worse than they have ever been.

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