Yahoo Publisher Network: Run of Network Ads (RON Ads)

What are RON ads? If Google Adsense cannot find a suitable ad for your web page or its keywords, it displays Public Service Ads or PSA’s, which make no money for you. Yahoo Publisher Network or YPN has introduced a simlar Run of Network ads (aka RON ads) instead of PSA’s

Jensense says YPN introduced Run of Network ads (aka RON ads) at the same time  they introduced their ad targeting. While several have noted that Comcast and Vontage are the most visible RON ads, btu just by seeing the ads, it is difficult to determine if they are RON ads or usual poorly targeted ads.

Its good that YPN introduced these RON ads lack of alternate URL for PSAs (as with  AdSense) was a common problems reported by initial beta testers. This was a bigger problem when ad targeting took much longer.

They say advertisers are currently invited to become a RON advertisers and this opens the possibility that in the future, advertisers could site target ads to appear as RON advertisements on specific publisher sites.

5 comments on “Yahoo Publisher Network: Run of Network Ads (RON Ads)

  1. steve henne says:

    How do I stop getting RON ads?

  2. Chris Walsh says:

    How do I block these Ron Ads???

    They are bothering me and I don’t like them just poping up. If I wanted to shop on line then I would look for a product.

  3. Paul George says:

    I want to get rid of these ads. How can I to that

  4. Dave T says:

    I agree with all of the above comments, these RON ads are completely useless, and are driving me crazy

  5. Ruby says:

    I agree w/all the above comments. These Ron Ads are EXTREMELY annoying! How can I stop them? Every time I hear or see one, I make a mental note to make sure that I never buy/purchase the product(s) advertised.

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