YapTA : Web 3.0 Start Ups Have Arrived

Just when you were busy checking out lists of web 2.0 applications and web tools, web 3.0 start ups are silently developing behind the web 2.0 buzz…

YapTA is claiming to be a web 3.0 start-up in stealth mode….

YapTA is a web 3.0* start-up in stealth mode that plans on being a major piece of everyones life in the near term. We are consumer focused and our whole goal in life is making sure that we are considered a VERB. We want people to say, “honey… Did you YapTA it?

There is not much information about what YapTA is all about, but beta testers can sign up now. And this is how they define it –

*Web 2.0 is where consumers do all the work (blogging, social networking, make your own video, upload your photos, etc.)

*Web 3.0 is where smart programs do all the work for consumers – that’s what YapTA does… it saves hours of work and hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars per year.

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