You Can Endorse Google Adsense Referral Ads


When Google Adsense case studies projected sites that heavily endorsed the Google Adsense referral ads, it led to a lot of confusion about if it was allowed within the Adsense terms of service. While forums were filling up with rumors and Adsense guidelines were bent, Google has given the official word that you can indeed endorse Google Adsense referral ads.

The Inside Adsense blog explains what is actually allowed and why.

“You can endorse referral ads because you know the exact ad you are displaying on your site. You are offering your visitors genuine advice based on the products and services you think they’ll like. However, with CPC ads you don’t know which ads will show up — it would be disingenuous for you to recommend the products or services in your ads in this case, which could result in visitors being misled.”

Remember these are CPA or cost per action ads. You only earn money when the users does some action for the product and merely clicking the referral link gets no money. However, you can’t ask visitors to click on a referral ad to make you money. Also any endorsement or attention drawn to a referral ad must be done in a way that supports the intended use of the product or service associated with it. Never commit these 15 common Adsense mistakes.


3 comments on “You Can Endorse Google Adsense Referral Ads

  1. Abhi says:

    Thanks for the info…was in a doubt about this…thanks

  2. pkchukiss says:

    By that, does Google mean that I can do the same for the FireFox referral advertisements?

  3. Shankar Ganesh says:

    Thanks for the news!

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