YouTube Video Awards Voting Open

Voting is on for the YouTube Video Awards 2006 in various categories. Every hour you can rank your favorites until they freeze voting on March 23, 2007, at 3pm PT.

The seven categories in which you can vote videos are

  • Most Creative — Innovative And Cutting Edge Video
  • Most Inspirational — Things That Make You Think Or Feel
  • Best Series — The Best In Serial Entertainment
  • Best Comedy — They Had Us In Stitches
  • Musician Of The Year — Celebrating YouTube’s Home-Grown Musical Talent
  • Best Commentary — The Bloggers Who Caught Our Attention
  • Most Adorable Video Ever — So Cute It Hurts

They say the No.1 videos on each list “will get bragging rights and a fancy trophy to feature prominently in a future video”. So start voting in the YouTube Video Awards and let the best video win…

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