Gavin Bate Blogs, Tweets, Podcasts from Mount Everest

Gavin Bate is climbing Mount Everest and is blogging, tweeting, and podcasting along his mountain climbing adventure. Welcome to the new way to climb a mountain, the socially interactive way.

Gavin bates is an experienced mountaineer and founder of Adventure Alternative Expeditions and is climbing to raise funds for his Moving Mountains charity (which helps street children and their families in Kenya and Nepal). You can tweet him on Twitter at @gavinbate, track his blog posts about the Everest expedition on his blog and catch his podcast channel on Gabcast.

He is selling out camp sponsorship at various altitudes

everest sponsors

and even letting people buy his tweets on ebay!

Ebay sale: tweet from everest

This just goes to show how much modern web tools have changed the way we communicate. A few years back, who could imagine the world tracking every personal experience of a mountain climber along the way to Everest? Reminds me of the doctor blogging from Antarctica.

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