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How to Translate Hindi to English Free [2021]

hindi to english

Let’s see a simple way to translate Hindi to English language for free. You don’t need any professional Hindi translation tool to get this done and Google makes it very easy to do this. Translate Hindi to English First, you need to simply visit the Google translate tool which is available for free online to… Read more »

How to Download YouTube Videos: The Legal Way 2021

save youtube video

Did you know that you can download YouTube videos legally in some countries without the need to use doubtful means like savefromnet, y2mate YouTube downloader, or other youtube download software? Want to save from Youtube? Google allows you to watch YouTube videos offline on mobile devices in selected countries in the following way. This is… Read more »

How to Change, Disable Image Compression in WordPress

compress images

Did you know you can change WordPress images compression, else WordPress will make your uploaded images and pictures blurry and pixelated? I used to get very surprised when I used to load HD or 4K images only to find that when I inserted images in the WordPress post the quality of images was suboptimal. I… Read more »

Using Chota Micro CSS Framework: Bootstrap Alternative

chota css framework

I replaced my custom Bootstrap theme with the Chota CSS framework today on this site.  Long-time readers will recall how I love Bootstrap and we have blogged a lot about this mobile-first responsive CSS framework. We have been using Bootstrap for years now, using our QuickStrap WordPress theme. With the advent of Core Web Vitals… Read more »

How to Get Dark Mode on SnapChat on Android, iOS (2021)

dark mode snapchat

How to get Dark Mode on Snapchat on Android and iOS devices? While turning on dark mode in iPhone is easy as it is just a tweak of the Snapchat app settings, but it seems the dark mode option is not present in the Android app, and below are some ways people have figured out… Read more »

WhatsApp Web Logout in 1 Click: Disconnect Whatsapp Easily

whatsapp web logout

How can you logout WhatsApp Web easily? My friend wanted to disconnect Whatsapp web but found it difficult, so this is the simple tip below. Whatsapp Web (or WebWhatsApp) is a very popular way to browse Whatsapp on your computer or laptop screen. While using Whatsapp on android and iOS on mobile phones is the… Read more »

How to Change WordPress Password with PHPmyAdmin

wordpress hosting phpmyadmin

How to change WordPress password when you cannot log in? I lost my WordPress Password and the WordPress password reset URL email would not come!  I have been working on WordPress blogs for years now, but this was a tricky situation. Lost WordPress Password Why was this a problem? I created a new WordPress blog… Read more »

How to Export, Print Lastpass Passwords List

lastpass password prompt

Do you want to export Lastpass passwords or print Lastpass passwords list so that you can keep your complex passwords safe offline. We use  Lastpass password manager, which is an excellent password management tool which allows you to to save your passwords across websites in a secure and safe manner and use them for one… Read more »

How to Remove Background from Image with Powerpoint

remove background powerpoint

Do you remove background with Photoshop but can’t afford it? Powerpoint can remove bg from images with as much proficiency as any professional image editing software or background remover software? While most people rely on Photoshop or look out for other professional paid image editing tools, PowerPoint can do it as easily and here we… Read more »

Auto Change Desktop Background Daily with Full HD Wallpapers

bing wallpaper daily

How can you change desktop background images daily automatically in Windows and display full HD wallpapers sourced from the best images that Microsoft Bing has to provide. You can use an app known as daily desktop wallpaper which will do just that in Windows 10 and you can get it in just a few clicks…. Read more »