Group Buy SEO Tools: Pros and Cons

Group buy SEO tools are a popular way for the site owner to access premium keywords research software like Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and many more at discounted prices to optimize their websites for SEO and increase search engine ranking buy domain research.

Group Buy SEO Tools

What is Group Buy? Group buy SEO tools allows a group of people to use a collection of SEO tools at a hugely discounted price. Group buy SEO tools have become very popular over the last few years as it has become important for webmasters, bloggers, and site owners to do awesome keyword research (especially for AI content), site audit, backlink analysis, and rank tracking and compete for search engine rankings.

group buy seo tools

Unfortunately, if you want to buy SEO software, these paid SEO tools provide limited free access and have expensive annual or monthly subscription fees, encouraging the usage of SEO group buy services. For example, ahrefs group buy is very popular in India, while Ahrefs is free for your own site on a limited basis, its Lite subscription easily costs over $99 per month! And that is only one SEO tool. There are many cheap SEO tools available from unknown SEO agencies, but the premium SEP software is what makes a difference.

Imagine getting access to 25 premium SEO tools for $50 per month! That’s what a group buy offer does, and has proved useful for startup and small business owners with limited SEO budgets for SEO audit, keyword research, backlinks audit, toxic link removal, and understanding site structure in general to improve search engine rankings.

My friends had subscribed to some of the services and I had a chance to view them on this computer and see how they work and if they were worth the money that they charge.

Group Buy SEO Tools: Pros

Discounted Price–  the major advantage of subscribing to these group buy SEO tools bundle is that you can get access to these tools for a fraction of the subscription price which otherwise would have to pay. For $5 to $50 you can get access to over 50-100 popular SEO services per month!

Custom packages  -They usually provide a single SEO tool or multiple SEO software access as per different packages. So you have the option to choose whichever SEO package suits your needs. You can choose Monthly subscription options mostly which come even cheaper.

Wide variety of software–  Some of the common SEO software that are accessible via Group buy SEO tools include SEO tools, AI writing tools, and more … you would recognize several of them!

Ahrefs, SEMRush, SerpStat,, Grammarly, Quetext, Wordai, UberSuggest, Majestic, Moz Pro, Buzzsumo, SpyFu, WooRank, Grammarly, SpamZilla, Article Builder, StoryBlocks, Helium10, Jungle Scout, Canva Pro, Pickmonkey, Crello, SkillShare, Indexification, InstaText, QuillBot, Envato Elements, Kwfinder, and many more…

SEO Group Buy Tools: Cons

Not legal and poor trust – the major disadvantage is that this is not the legal way to exercise tools as it leads to loss of subscription revenue for these premium SEO tools. Also, there are so many such sites offering these services, you really don’t know whom to trust and how your personal and credit card payment details will be stored and kept safe. Therefore, carefully research the reputation and track record of the group buy provider before signing up.

Install unknown extensions –  many of these group SEO buy tools require you to install browser extensions in your browser which will help them regulate your access and log your actions on the website so as to prevent spam or causing suspicious activity on these websites.  Many of these groupbuyseo extensions are not available on the Chrome web store and are provided as direct installs. This may be a privacy concern as these are not vetted by the Chrome web store and they may have security issues or viruses as well.

Limited Access – many times the software access that is provided is for only the base subscription or free access tier that is available.  Therefore there are chances that the software might quickly reach its limit if many people are doing a lot of keyword research or site audits using the software, utilizing a large part of the table limits or search limits that the software provides for the activated subscription. Then it will not let you use it further for some period till the group buys team fixes it again.

Login access issues – many times users will find that they are logged out of the system and redirected to the main page of the SEO software and are required to upgrade the plan to continue access.  Often you might find that the group buy SEO service itself will log you out of the system and prevent you from accessing these tools stating that their AI model has detected suspicious activity from your IP address – so try again after some while, change the browser, clear cache or if nothing else works then submit a support request to them.

No customer care support  – Since you have not purchased the SEO software from legitimate websites, obviously no support is expected from the official website customer care. The Group buy services offer limited support to ensure functionality for the package paid for.

In conclusion, group buy SEO tools provide a much cheaper alternative to purchasing SEO software for keyword Research and site audit, but there are still some limitations and of course, these are not a legal way to do this. Of course, there are always free SEO tools provided by Google that you must use. It is always recommended to buy SEO services officially and to pay for subscribing to these SEO Services and get full access, support, and quality of the software and that is the legal way to do it as well.

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