Get Free Ahrefs Account For Your Websites!

Did you know that ahrefs free account is available via ahrefs Webmaster tools for your own sites? While Google Webmaster tools, now called Google search console have been freely available to Webmasters and site owners to study free site analytics, this free ahrefs account brings a whole new level of insightful site traffic data.

Ahrefs backlink checker and Ahrefs keyword explorer are the best SEO tools out there in the market. I use it very commonly for the last few months to assess my site traffic, do organic keyword research, remove bad backlinks, find broken backlinks, assess core web vitals, page speed, as well as do a good SEO site audit.

Free ahrefs webmaster tools

If you have not used ahrefs before, then you must definitely give it a try. If you check out ahrefs pricing, you can use the trial ahrefs version for $7 for 7 days only, or you can use the paid ahrefs account for $99 per month for the Lite Plan.

But if you want to add your own websites, you can get full website data for free if you sign up for the ahrefs account and get ahrefs Webmaster tools.

Getting started: Ahrefs Free Account

Simply login to ahrefs and start a new project.

free ahrefs webmaster tools

Then you can import from the Google search console, which allows for automatic ownership verification easily (Bing webmaster tools are not supported). This will allow you to add multiple websites in one go.

ahrefs webmaster tools

You can also try to add your websites manually but then you will need to add each side manually one at a time in a project.

ahrefs free site import

I think importing by a Google search console into ahrefs Webmaster tools will be the best way, not only to seamlessly import website data but also to improve site traffic analytics data accuracy, as it will help to better assess site traffic and organic keywords the way Google analyses it. You can also verify by uploading an ahrefs HTML file or add a DNS TXT field or an HTML meta tag.

So this is the best way to get Ahrefs free account.

Ahrefs free account limits

I often wonder why Ahrefs would give away free Ahrefs accounts to site owners, but you realize that their strength lies in the organic keyword research data, which is still paid. But the data which is available for your website provides enough site information to do an effective SEO audit for your website and looks for Google penalties.

As I used the free ahrefs backlinks checker and technical SEO to improve your search engine rankings, I got this alert.

ahrefs rows limit

And as browsed the my free account usage limits, I found these which might be helpful to you. The major ones are 1000 rows per report and 100,000 rows per month, so use the limit carefully as simple sorting can exhaust the free limit easily.

ahrefs free usage limits

So why spend on paid keyword research tools like SEMrush, go ahead and create a new free Ahrefs account today, or see how small businesses are using Group buy SEO tools to counter this expensive SEO software?

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