How to Remove Broken Internal Links Instantly in WordPress

Finding broken internal links in WordPress blogs is very essential as it not only leads to poor user experience but makes the crawl path of search engine bots difficult. This poor site crawlability makes for poor SEO rankings. Any SEO software will quickly flag this as an important SEO problem.

However, if you have a WordPress blog and use the broken link checker, it is the best way to find broken links on your site in a few minutes and fix them as well with a few power clicks. You can also easily use the free ahrefs backlink checker to see 404 backlinks to and from your site.

Broken Link Checker

You should be using the broken link checker WordPress plugin for this. This is a useful plugin that helps to detect broken links on your site without overloading your server as it checks thousands of web pages for links inside your site content.

Once the broken link checker has scanned through all your pages and has compiled its 404 reports, you basically need to search for the specific links on your site which are broken.

search broken internal links

A typical search would involve searching for your domain name and choosing link status as ‘broken’. Once you click the search button it will immediately list all those hundreds of broken internal links that are present. 

These links can be particularly huge in number if you have been actively doing a site audit to correct Google penalties, in which case you might have deleted a large number of posts and pages with resultant lots of broken 404 pages

Fix 404 Errors on Broken Links

Once you get this large list of broken links that are hurting the internal site architecture and crawl of your site, you simply need to choose the bulk edit tool which is available in this plugin.

broken internal links

You can select a few or all URLs in one click, and you can allow all of them to be unlinked at the same time from all these posts.

Else you can go in manually as well if you wish to unlink them one by one, or edit the post and check out the location, or replace them with a working related link.

unlink 404 url

So why wait, this plugin will complete its task in seconds and all the internal broken links will be fixed.

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