Free Moz SEO Courses: 100% Discount Promo Code

Now you can learn SEO through free Moz SEO courses.  Moz has made its excellent SEO training courses available for free at the Moz academy for a limited time period and you can avail of this excellent opportunity to make your rank site higher in search engine results. 

Head over to the Moz Academy and there are a variety of SEO courses being offered. They are categorized into beginner courses with basic SEO awareness, novice courses for those with limited SEO knowledge and intermediate courses with moderate SEO experience.

Learn SEO Online for Free

There are courses on SEO fundamentals, keyword research, page optimization, backlink basics, local SEO, technical SEO site audit, backlink audit and removal, SEO client prospecting, SEO client pitch and many more.

moz seo courses

Are all courses free?  With the exception of the ‘SEO Essentials certification course’ which is a series of six courses costing $595,  all the rest of the courses are free. which means there are hundreds of dollars of courses available free of cost for a limited time period.

Get Free SEO training

All these courses which provide SEO training are available free of cost through May 31, 2020, for their community.  

How do you join their community? All you need to do is create a Moz account which is available again for free and use the promo code ‘wegotthis’ at checkout to get these Search Engine Optimization courses free of cost! This also allows you to interact with SEO experts in the amazing Moz ecosystem.

Is the course really free? Stuck with multiple SEO issues, I tried to sign up for the technical SEO audit course costing $199, used the Moz promo code suggested and behold … it actually cost free! All this SEO training for free.

moz promo code

And then the course starts immediately taking you to the course material which is available in the form of videos.

moz seo training

In the end, each course is followed by an SEO quiz, a final examination to assess your skills and course feedback with advice for further learn SEO. In most of the courses I checked, you need not buy any expensive SEO tools and software. So what are you waiting for, grab this limited-time deal?

How long is the course valid? I got an email the validity is for 1 year.

Well now the deal is over and I noticed many are using Moz Pro using Group buy SEO tools now! Did you take these courses? What was your experience? Share in comments.

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