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google search console

5 Free SEO Tools by Google for Site Audit

Did you know that Google offers free SEO tools for site audit which you can use to check your site’s technical SEO and improve site visibility in Google search engine…

group buy seo tools

Group Buy SEO Tools: Pros and Cons

Group buy SEO tools are a popular way for the site owner to access premium keywords research software like Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and many more at discounted prices to optimize…

free ahrefs webmaster tools

Get Free Ahrefs Account For Your Websites!

Did you know that ahrefs free account is available via ahrefs Webmaster tools for your own sites? While Google Webmaster tools, now called Google search console have been freely available…

lazy load speed

How to Lazy Load Images with Lazysizes

Now you can lazy load images quickly using this code. Lazy Loading Images is essential If you want to fix your site core web vitals statistics and increase site speed…

pagespeed origin summary

Optimize Core Web Vitals for Site SEO

Google has released the Core Web Vitals report in Google Webmaster Tools which expresses the quality signals that they use to improve User experience on the web. The aim of…


4 Benefits of Nofollow Links

What are the benefits of nofollow backlinks? If you see its advantages, they are not junk anymore. In fact, they can be valuable in some ways.  This article is inspired…