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How to Remove Background from Image with Powerpoint

remove background powerpoint

Do you remove background with Photoshop but can’t afford it? Powerpoint can remove bg from images with as much proficiency as any professional image editing software or background remover software? While most people rely on Photoshop or look out for other professional paid image editing tools, PowerPoint can do it as easily and here we… Read more »

Auto Change Desktop Background Daily with Full HD Wallpapers

bing wallpaper daily

How can you change desktop background images daily automatically in Windows and display full HD wallpapers sourced from the best images that Microsoft Bing has to provide. You can use an app known as daily desktop wallpaper which will do just that in Windows 10 and you can get it in just a few clicks…. Read more »

How to Make Google Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge Browser

browser search

Windows 10 came with Microsoft edge browser preloaded but uses Bing as the default search engine. If you want to make Google the default search engine, you will have to do some settings changes in the Microsoft Edge browser. Tweak Microsoft Edge Settings Go to the three dots on the right side of the Microsoft… Read more »

[Solved] Download Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10

movie maker app

Do you want to download Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10? I was surprised to find my favorite Windows movie maker which I so extensively use to edit videos and make amazing .wmv video files to add to Powerpoint presentations was missing in Windows 10! Microsoft help reveals Windows movie maker is not supported in… Read more »

Still Waiting for Windows 10 Upgrade?

windows 10 progress

Are you still waiting for free Windows 10 upgrade to download and install on your computer? Well Windows 10 is downloading in the background as part of Windows update. Since Windows 10 is a huge 2.7 GB upgrade, the downloading process can be slow. Since most people are on slow internet connections, a few GB… Read more »

Intel Compute Stick is Smallest Windows Computer

intel compute stick

The Intel Compute Stick is the smallest windows computer ever to be launched in the market. Just about the size of a USB pen drive intel computer promises to be fully power packed computer. Despite its deceptive small size, simply plug it into HDMI monitor or your high definition TV and you have a Windows computer running on it. Intel Compute Stick… Read more »

Get Windows 10 App : Reserve Free Windows 10 Today [Photos]

reserve windows 10

If your computer is eligible for free Windows 10 upgrade, then Get Windows 10 App will appear on the bottom right of your updated Windows 7/8 desktop screen. This Windows icon is the Get Windows 10 App and clicking on it will reserve your Windows upgrade when it appears. Get Windows 10 App The Get Windows 10… Read more »

Buy Windows 10 on USB Flash Drive

Windows 10 usb drive

Now you can buy Windows 10 Home on a USB flash drive! Free Windows 10 upgrade is going to become available for all Windows 7/8 users on July 29, 2015. And  now this Windows 10 USB pen drive has opened up for preorder on Amazon. Windows 10 USB Drive Windows 10 promises to be the… Read more »

Free Windows 10 Upgrade for All Windows 7/8 Computers

windows 10

Free Windows 10 upgrade is being offered to all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users as Microsoft gets ready to push sales of the upcoming new Windows 10 software. It is expected that the new Windows 10 release will happen on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 boasts of a new design while maintaining the most… Read more »

My New Asus Chromebox Unboxing [Photos]


I bought a new Asus Chromebox and now share the Chromebox unboxing photos with you. Earlier I had shared chromebook unboxing photographs, And have since become a fan of the chrome OS. It’s incredible how these simple computers fulfill the need for most tasks we perform online nowadays. The browser has become the key to everything… Read more »