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fake ai detection tool

5 Best Free AI Detector Tools

AI detector tools are becoming popular as AI-generated content is being pushed across the web, as well as in academic papers. Earlier detecting plagiarism was a concern, but now AI-generated…

Zerodha Kite Login: The Fastest Way

I do Zerodha kite login the fast way,  unlike most others who type in usernames and passwords for Zerodha login. Zerodha is a very popular low-cost broker and the biggest…

best laptop under 40000

Best Laptop Under 40,000 INR

Which is the best laptop under 40000 INR in India? We have researched the best laptops in this affordable price range which fulfill our useful laptop screening criteria to give…

best laptop under 60000

Best Laptop Under 60,000 INR

Which is the best laptop under 60000 INR in India. We have researched the best premium laptops in this price range which fulfill our stringent screening criteria to give you…

best laptops under 50000

Best Laptop Under 50,000 INR

Which is the best laptop under 50,000 rupees with the latest Windows 11 operating system and latest fastest i5 or Ryzen5 processors. The new academic session has started and students…

remove background powerpoint

How to Remove Background from Image with Powerpoint

Do you remove background with Photoshop but can’t afford it? Powerpoint can remove bg from images with as much proficiency as any professional image editing software or background remover software?…

windows 10 progress

Still Waiting for Windows 10 Upgrade?

Are you still waiting for free Windows 10 upgrade to download and install on your computer? Well Windows 10 is downloading in the background as part of Windows update. Since…

Windows 10 usb drive

Buy Windows 10 on USB Flash Drive

Now you can buy Windows 10 Home on a USB flash drive! Free Windows 10 upgrade is going to become available for all Windows 7/8 users on July 29, 2015….


My New Asus Chromebox Unboxing [Photos]

I bought a new Asus Chromebox and now share the Chromebox unboxing photos with you. Earlier I had shared chromebook unboxing photographs, And have since become a fan of the…