How to Make Google Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge Browser

Windows 10 came with Microsoft edge browser preloaded but uses Bing as the default search engine. If you want to make Google the default search engine, you will have to do some settings changes in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Tweak Microsoft Edge Settings

Go to the three dots on the right side of the Microsoft Edge browser, and choose the settings option.

bing settings

In the settings menu, then choose ‘View advanced settings‘. Now you need to go to the option which shows “Search in the address bar with“.

Add New Search Engine

Here you will find that Bing is the default search engine. Choose to add a new search engine by clicking ‘Add new‘.

browser search

Choose as default search provider

Now you will be provided a large number of choices which can be added, like Git Hub or Google or Wikipedia and so on. Now you can choose as your default search provider and added as default.

default search engine

So that’s it. Now next time you search for a keyword in the Microsoft Edge browser address bar, it will use Google as the default search engine instead of Bing.

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