Tips and tricks about Google and using it like a pro.

How to Translate Hindi to English Free [2021]

hindi to english

Let’s see a simple way to translate Hindi to English language for free. You don’t need any professional Hindi translation tool to get this done and Google makes it very easy to do this. Translate Hindi to English First, you need to simply visit the Google translate tool which is available for free online to… Read more »

How to Find Public Restroom Near Me

public restroom near me

Find a public restroom near me! This is a question asked by anyone traveling around any city and we wished this query could be answered in some way. Google maps make it easier to find public restrooms and give directions to the nearest public toilet easily. Find Public Restroom Near Me Let’s say you are… Read more »

Play Google Gravity: I’m Feeling Lucky Game

google gravity

Play Google gravity on clicking I’m Feeling Lucky button was a fun experience on the Google homepage which was released in 2011. Many enthusiasts still continue to search for and enjoy playing Google gravity trick game online. How to activate Google gravity? If you like the Do a Barrel Roll trick, then you will like… Read more »

How to Noindex Archive Subpages in Yoast SEO Plugin

Archive subpages indexed

If you are using the amazing Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin, how to noindex archive subpages from tags and categories so they can be blocked from the Google Index. You have probably realised that they no longer block the archive pages from the Google index as they removed the option to nofollow these pages since many… Read more »

How to Make Google Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge Browser

browser search

Windows 10 came with Microsoft edge browser preloaded but uses Bing as the default search engine. If you want to make Google the default search engine, you will have to do some settings changes in the Microsoft Edge browser. Tweak Microsoft Edge Settings Go to the three dots on the right side of the Microsoft… Read more »

How to Setup Gmail 2 Step Verification to Secure Account

Gmail 2 step verification

2 Step Verification is an essential step to secure your Gmail account and a password is simply not enough anymore. Have you ever wondered how much we depend on Google services for every online activity, and not only Gmail, and all this is secured by a single password. With password hacking too easy nowadays, what… Read more »

Alphabet Buys New Super-Long Domain Name

alphabet letters

Can you guess which domain name did Alphabet, holding company of Google just buy? Well currently Alphabet company is hosted on the domain name at, but they have now registered as well. So why not register which sound the most likely which people are to type in their browsers? Well it seems… Read more »

Sammy Buys Domain Name for $12

buy domain  domain name was purchased by Sammy Ved for a mere $12, though the joy lasted for few minutes as the system recognized the problem and cancelled the sale, refunding the money. It is an example of how big companies need to realize how vulnerable domain name systems are and the need to protect and manage their… Read more »

Buy Google OnHub Wifi Router

onhub wifi router

Google made a new OnHub wifi router with partner TP-LINK and it promises to change the way people connect and use Wifi on their multiple internet-hungry always-connected devices. So how is OnHub different from hundreds of other wifi routers made by so many manufacturers. Google OnHub Wifi Router Let me ask how many antennae your current… Read more »

Check Out the New Google Logo

new google logo

Google changed their logo today and simplified the logo design further. They switched from the previous serif font to more cleaner and simpler sans serif font. Why did Google change their logo? Google wants is logo to look great across a range of devices, from desktops to the smallest of mobile screens and upcoming Android… Read more »