Play PacMan Online Free: Pacman 30th Anniversary

You can celebrate Pacman 30th Anniversary by playing PacMan Online free on Google! Pacman is a very popular video game which has inspired a whole generation of young gamers hunting pacman ghosts when the powerful gaming consoles and even HD video games were not available.

Play PacMan Game Online

Google released a special Google Doodle to celebrate the Pacman 30th Anniversary on May 21. You can play Pacman arcade game online on this Google Doodle.

play pacman online

Play PacMan Online on Google Maps

Earlier you could celebrate 1st April by playing PacMan online in Google Maps. If you visit Google Maps – you can play the amazing game and enjoy the classic game, though it is a limited version. This no longer works now and was a limited time pacman game experiment.

After you visit  (will not work on your local site –  e.g. – Look at the bottom left corner and you can choose the ‘PacMan’ option.

play pac man

The link will be observed only in the ‘Map’ mode and not the ‘Earth’ mode. Click the PacMan image and the roads in view becomes the paths to play Pacman. You can turn on the classic pacman tune by unmuting the sound. Using the 4 arrow keys, it is easy to navigate.

pacman game

Sometimes if the map location is not proper, it might not be able to play. Change the map area and it will restart.

pacman error

Play Pacman online free now ..

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