Play PacMan Online In Google Maps

Celebrate 1st April by playing PacMan online in Google Maps right now. If you visit Google Maps – you can play the amazing game and enjoy the classic game, though it is a limited version.

After you visit  (will not work on your local site –  e.g. – Look at the bottom left corner and you can choose the ‘PacMan’ option.

play pac man

The link will be observed only in the ‘Map’ mode and not the ‘Earth’ mode. Click the PacMan image and the roads in view becomes the paths to play Pacman. You can turn on the classic pacman tune by unmuting the sound. Using the 4 arrow keys, it is easy to navigate.

pacman game

Sometimes if the map location is not proper, it might not be able to play. Change the map area and it will restart.

pacman error

Play Pacman now … I guess it is a one day show!


  1. Beakon says:

    Oh, they chase me all around my neighbourhood! ;)

  2. Tony Booth says:

    Well spotted, I had not noticed this.
    Another distraction from getting on with ‘real’ work.

  3. Kelsey Price says:

    This is thoroughly awesome. Love google, love PacMan. Can’t wait to try!

  4. Shekhar says:

    Initially I was laughing. Because, I used to purchase Pac-man during my childhood.
    Interesting article indeed !!

  5. Amit Kumar says:

    I love to Play PacMan game and i spend my free time with it. It’s really amazing to know that now i can play PacMan Online In Google Maps. Thank you so much fro your Help.

  6. Viajes a India says:

    PacMan game is the my 01 choice game and i spend my free time with it. Thanks for this great post .

  7. Pappu says:

    PacMan game is also my best choice

  8. rohit mahbub says:

    This is really good post for me. I had great fun on this last night. But Google: I’m still upset I didn’t get a card after spending all of 1 April last year hunting them Pokemon down.My brother still taunts me about it. thank you for sharing.

  9. Abdullah says:

    Google is targeting the whole world and surely Google will rule the future. Everyone is trying to get the latest products of Google. Because every single product of their helps a lot in real world and Google Map is one of them.

  10. Kritika Jaiswal says:

    Wow this is good news for Pac man game lover, really this is very interesting game. I want to play this game one time.

  11. junaid khan says:

    Day by day the technology is been changing at a drastic point the addition of this pacman in google maps is really amazing thanks for sharing this post.

  12. shamit khemka says:

    It was i play in my childhood and now again play i go back in my childhood i love this pacman game and its rocking

  13. musadun says:

    most of my friend posted in facebook they played this pacman on google map. ok. so this how they do I am so noob.

  14. Hudson Gartrell says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. Mapping is the important for local SEO marketing.

  15. Charles Been says:

    Hehehe,, Nice spotted.. no one can beat google with these types of ideas.

  16. Mark Winslet says:

    This is google… no one can do what google algorithm doing and plating with the world. :)

  17. company formation UK says:

    Excellent article.its very intresting and very helpful for me and others.include more article about this topic .
    Thank you for sharing
    Have a niceday
    thank you

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