Play Minesweeper Online: Free HTML5 Game

Play minesweeper game online for free in HTML 5 on the IE10 Test website which showcases the modern beautiful design and exceptional performance in a new gaming avatar. Minesweeper is by far the most popular Windows game which comes preloaded with Windows computers for several years. Minesweeper has a dedicated following of gamers and promises to challenge young and old alike on their analytical skills.

Play Minesweeper Game Online

play minesweeper online

If you play minesweeper online, you not only get to witness the unique gaming experience of HTML 5 games, but also see other modern web standards in action like CSS3, touch, transitions, animations, and also get an idea of faster browser speed and enhanced responsiveness. You can play minesweeper online free on any modern web browser, and smart phone mobile browsers. Also enjoy it on Windows 8 touch interface.

You can also play Minesweeper online in JavaScript format as well, with the traditional design.

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