How to Play Minesweeper Online

Play minesweeper online for free on Google or other web apps in HTML 5 on your web browser. Minesweeper is by far the most popular Windows game which comes preloaded with Windows computers for several years. Minesweeper has a dedicated following of gamers and promises to challenge young and old alike on their analytical skills.

Play Google Minesweeper

You can play Minesweeper on Google at

Or simply search on Google for Minesweeper and you will see this animated game option

google minesweeper

Once you click the Play Minesweeper button, a pop-up window will allow you to play minesweeper on Google!

play minesweeper google

Play Minesweeper Online

To play Minesweeper online, you can visit one of the many websites that offer the game. Some options include:

How to Play Minesweeper

play minesweeper online

Minesweeper game is a classic puzzle game where you see a grid of squares that contain hidden mines. Identify the mines and mark them with a flag, while avoiding clicking on squares that contain mines.

To play the game –

  • Left-click on squares to reveal what is underneath
  • Right-click to place a flag on a square that you think contains a mine
  • If you click on a square that contains a mine, the game is over.
  • If you successfully flag all the mines and clear the rest of the squares, you win the game.

As simple as that!

Minesweeper Game Levels

Free Minesweeper can be played at different levels of difficulty … As you increase the grid size or difficulty level, there are more mines and more complex design placements and more chances of triggering a mine and losing the game.

Many sites allow you to customize the size and number of mines on the grid or to compete against other players online.

If you play minesweeper online, you not only get to witness the unique gaming experience of HTML 5 games, but also see other modern web standards in action like CSS3, touch, transitions, and animations, and also get an idea of faster browser speed and enhanced responsiveness. You can play minesweeper online for free on any modern web browser, and smartphone mobile browsers.

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