Download Internet Explorer IE10 for Windows 7

Now you can download Internet explorer 10 (IE10) for any Windows 7 computer and test drive the latest version of the popular Microsoft Web browser. IE10 has been primarily designed for Windows 8 touch interface, and was released for Windows 8 several months back. Now all worldwide Windows 7 users can download Internet Explorer 10 on their computers.

Download IE10

install ie10

Internet Explorer 10 claims to be 20% faster than IE9 and also promises faster page loading, with better JavaScript performance, and faster interactivity. It also boasts of 60% more support for modern web standards (like CSS3, HTML5) than IE 9. It also promises enhanced security, privacy and reliability for a superior browsing experience online.

You can visit the IE Test Drive site and see the accelerated hardware performance for yourself, and see how well Internet Explorer 10 performs – fast, fluid, responsive, adapted for touch and Windows 8.

IE 10 Demo

It’s not available on my Windows 7 update right now, but eventually everyone will get an option to install Internet Explorer 10 through Windows update – but you can download IE10 right now.

See the power of IE10 with the touch interface on Windows 8

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