First Look: Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme

You can preview the Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme, the next generation official WordPress theme to be bundled with future versions of WordPress. As WordPress users look beyond the last released official Twenty Twelve WordPress theme, the 2013 Free WordPress Theme promises modern web design techniques,  responsive, beautiful and bold WordPress Design template which will wow when you see it.

Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme

Visit the Twenty Thirteen theme demo site, and see for yourself how beautiful the new theme promises to be. This time WordPress developers have gone all out to play with colour and create loud and complimentary colours splashed across the screen. The full width responsive web design would look wonderful on a mobile web browser.

The theme layout is in a single column, much to give a timeline affect as in Twitter or Facebook, and the widgets are placed in the footer. Twenty Thirteen theme is powered by Source Sans fontBitter font for headlines and symbol-font Genericons for seamlessly scaling icons!

twenty thirteen theme

Its going to be released soon and you can use this Twenty Thirteen theme on your own WordPress blog.

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