How to Display Post Author Link in Twenty Thirteen Theme

How can you display the post author link in the Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme?  I was surprised when we switched to the default Twenty Thirteen theme as there seemed to be no way to display post author information under post title.

As we are all aware, it is a good idea to display post author under posts to establish Google authorship and get better search engine rankings for your article, not to mention the higher click through rate with your photo besides your post links in Google search.

Hidden Post Author Link

I was not willing to believe the default Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme would simply leave out any option to display post authors. So instead of editing the core content files in the child theme to add a author link, I looked around for a  better way.

A close look at the default css file reveals that the author information is hidden by default.

.single-author .entry-meta .author {
display: none;

I am not sure why they WordPress designers would want to hide author links. But it seems to happen for single author blogs only!

But it is easy to reverse as you can simply edit that line or add another line at the bottom of the CSS file.

.single-author .entry-meta .author {
display: inline;

Just do that and the author link will be shown which will link to all the archives of all the posts written by the author.

author link

Hope that helps.

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