New Default Twenty Fourteen WordPress Theme

The latest Twenty  Fourteen WordPress theme is now available on blogs and is the next official default WordPress theme release for 2014.

Based on modern design elements, it features a superior responsive design and brings featured images to the forefront.

Twenty Fourteen WordPress Theme

Just see how amazing the homepage looks when you visit the front page.

twenty fourteen theme

These are all featured images and featured posts is a excellent grid format and as you scroll down, the post archive become visible.

twenty fourteen theme

Just see how beautiful the featured images are highlighted above the post titles. You probably have already seen this custom design feature on several top blogs, and now you can also get this great WordPress design for your blog.

I think the new design is the best of all the previous versions. It has the incorporated the best features of several popular themes like Genesis and Thesis and has an excellent responsive design. We are testing the current default Twenty Thirteen Theme live on our site right now, and you can share your feedback. bloggers can use the switch to Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme right now from their theme choices. Others can try the 2014 theme demo site and check out the new design elements.

How to Download 2014 Theme for self hosted WordPress? It will ship as the default WordPress theme in WordPress 3.8 scheduled to release in December. You can download WordPress 3.8 Beta 1 on a test blog and play with design changes if you like.

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