Increase Adsense CTR with Adsense Experiments

Want to earn more money with Google Adsense. Try Adsense experiments to increase Adsense CTR by finding the best ad combinations which truly ensure a higher click trough rate which can earn more money online.

After officially allowing Adsense code modifications for A/B split testing to find the higher paying ad units, Google Adsense had recently introduced a new feature called Adsense experiments which brings in this amazing functionality to find the highest paying ad unit colors, sizes, fonts etc – all from the Adsense admin screen, without changing a single line of pasted code.

Adsense Experiments

I have been trying Adsense experiments for some time and am really impressed how seamlessly it works without any publisher intervention and code changes-  all the while giving accurate data and charts which are very useful. I found there is an need to test longer as the variation keeps changing with time and to get a better idea you need to test long enough. Its a good idea to wait for the confidence interval to rise to decide a winner.

This report below shows an experiment in which we changed the link color in the variation and is still ongoing without a clear winner.

adsense experiment

Note you cannot edit an Ad unit while it is under experiment, without cancelling the experiment. Its a good idea to let Google decide the split testing ratio –  which it does equally by default. You might want to change this if you want to test a particular winning variation much faster. 

traffic split

Obviously this feature is an extension of the Adsense internal tools by which they test multiple ad variations and new ad units and features –  and now they made it available to all Adsense publishers. Thank You Google.

This is very useful tool for Adsense account managers who can improve earnings of their clients without constantly pestering webmasters to change site coding. Obviously editing code can lead to errors with loss of revenue and unofficial changes can violate Adsense terms and get your Adsense account banned.

Try your Adsense experiment and increase CTR to make more money online.


  1. alan says:

    If your CTR is low then only thing you can do is to do experiments with your Blog. I was having low CTR problem with my previous blog but with some guidance I’ve made some experiments and now CTR is quite high. thank you for introducing this tool with us mate. Keep sharing.

  2. Balazs Hende says:

    I have a problem with low CTR because one of my sites have CTR below 1%. I think the problem is: there are no too many relevant ads for my content. I will have to do some modifications in the future.

  3. Vivek says:

    Problem with google is they come up with good tools only to come with kill button later with search engines.

  4. Dev pandey says:

    Hi Chandra,

    Nice post and thanks for sharing this information. For every adsense account publisher, the only dream is to see CTR and CPC improving. Your blogs is surely gonna help us to improvise this much better.
    Thanks for this info…:)

  5. spookseo says:

    It really surprises me how AdSense could be a room for so many activities. There are endless ways on how you can use it to work with your SEO projects. This tool alone can give you enough traffic if you will just do your part in providing content.

  6. devender says:


    I am new to google adsense and just trying to find out the way to get something out of it.I would require a little guidance from all the experts.
    My question is i have created a google custom search engine “” and want it get approved for google Adsense.right now i am suggesting all my user to use this as their preferred search engine by using this as homepage.

    Will i get approval for Adsense for this ? and what are the other ways to generate the traffic to website as it only contains the google search on the website.

    Your suggestion will be a big help for me.

  7. Aion Online says:

    I have a good CTR. I try to take a better with your post. Thanks alot.

  8. jaan says:

    Very nice and helpful article for us.

  9. Rohit says:

    please tell me the range of the CTR appreciated by google adsense , because i have heard some news that google adsense ban some publishers who have high CTR.. please enlighten me in this regard.
    thank you.!

    • P. Chandra says:

      A very high CTR may be caused if the content blends so well that it is difficult to distinguish content from ads and in that case it might violate Google Adsense terms as visitors are confused and click on ads, inflating CTR and advertiser spending.

  10. Kundan Raj Bhattarai says:

    Thank you for your valuable information. Yes we can experiment for finding out the different CTR rate but I think at first we need to have more visitors then only else matters. So, lets at first increase the traffic to our site.

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