Buy Scroogled Products from Microsoft Store

The official Microsoft store is now selling Scroogled products online! As you are aware Microsoft runs the controversial Scroogled campaign which criticizes Google policies while promoting its own products. While the campaign created a huge buzz, they take it to the next level by selling Scroogled products.

Scroogled Store

scroogled tshirtThe Scroogled Store sells everything from mugs ($7.99) to T-shirts ($11.99), hats, and hoodies ($25.99) – all of them basically with  messages like “Keep Calm While We Steal Your Data”, or “Step into Our web” with a Chrome logo. The products are available in all sizes with free shipping and free returns in US.

The Scroogled campaign pushes about how Gmail scans your email to show paid Adwords ads and wants you to try Outlook instead; Or highlights how the Google search scans your shopping results, and pushes the Bing browser for better results.

See some videos about being Scroogled.

I wonder how Microsoft runs such campaigns and Google does not want to take legal action!

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