Get Your Free Google Wallet Debit Card

Its true! You can now order your very own Google Wallet Debit Card for free. Expanding the services for Google wallet in the US, now Wallet users can order their own Google wallet card and use it like any other debit card for shopping at local stores.

Google wallet cards

google wallet card

The Google wallet card allows you to spend your Wallet balance by swiping the card at stores which accept MasterCard credit cards or debit cards. You can also withdraw money from ATMs using the Wallet card (though some banks may charge a fee).

You can use the Wallet money gifted by your friend even before it is credited to your bank account. You get mobile alerts for all your card transactions. And best of all, the debit card is absolutely free. The Wallet card services are currently available only in the US right now.

You can order the Wallet card from your Google wallet account or from the  Google Wallet app for Android which also allows you to easily send money to a friend in US via email! It also allows you to tap and pay with NFC enabled phones at select outlets. And then there are many dedicated loyalty programs. Get you wallet card today.

2 comments on “Get Your Free Google Wallet Debit Card

  1. Jason @ Marketing Automation says:

    Is this already ready to use in any store that accepts Mastercard? Or does the store have to go through a certain process with Google to be compatible to accept the card?

  2. Auburn says:

    Will Google Wallet allow deposit-by-picture, as some banks do?

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