Free Private Domain Registration on Google Domains!

Want free private domain registration? Google Domains is Google’s own domain registration service and it opened its door in the US today offering feature rich domain registration services and promise to be a game changer in the lucrative domains business.

Google Domains

So how is Google Domains different? For one they have extensively tested the market over years in closed beta, and now offer a natural domain extension to Blogger users who need their own domain on the web.

google domains

Unlike many domain registrars which charge for every extra domain service, Google Domains is offering many standard features free of cost to people who register from them, for instance –

  1. Free private registration!
  2. Free email forwarding – this allows you to create email address and forward to your own gmail account.
  3. Free domain and subdomain forwarding – Very useful as you might own many domains to secure brand identity, but might just forward them to your main domain
  4. Support up to 100 sub-domains – A great opportunity to expand your domain as much as you want
  5. Google nameservers (we currently got our own private nameservers!)
  6. Support many newer domains like .guru, .glass, .today, .support .tips! etc.

Private Domain Registration

We are happily registered with Godaddy for several years now. As I see the the Google Domain rates are mostly comparable, but we pay 7.99/yr (per domain!) extra for private domain registration through DomainBy Proxy. Private registration is a must have extra domain service to hide your Whois data like registrant name, phone and address from the public web, and protect your privacy.

So if you pay $12/yr  to buy .com domains, you pay $7.99/yr for privacy, which is huge. If you own 10 domain names, you save around $80 per year simply if this service is offered free. So I think the best pricing advantage which Google Domains offers right now is the free private registration.

As Google domain succeeds, which they will because of tight integration with so many essential Google services, they will force other domain name registrars to offer free registration too… very soon after they launch worldwide, and this will really save money for everyone.

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