Pre-Register .Build .Luxury .Menu .Uno Domain Names

Did you know you can now register .build .luxury .menu .uno Domain Names! These name are open for pre-registration right now and you can start the process of registration of these domain names. Recently ICANN opened up a large number of custom domain name options to increase the variety of domain names across the web.

New Domain Names

build domain name.BUILD – intends to be the domain name of choice for the construction industry and those related to the industry might want to register it.  Pre-register for $100 and priority pre-registration for $190

menu domain name.MENU – is the right domain name to highlight your food, restaurant or catering business.  Pre-register for $50 and priority pre-registration for $350

uno domain name.UNO – means number one to speakers in spanish. Use this domain name to target Spanish-speaking consumers and businesses. Pre-register for $40 and priority pre-registration for $300

luxury domain name.LUXURY – domain name has pricey and exclusive written all over. Premium luxury brands and businesses will find this very useful. Its is the most expensive domain name too. Pre-register for $800 and priority pre-registration for $1200

These domain names are open for pre-registration right now on Godaddy. Priority registration allows registrants to get priority over the normal registrants and a higher chance of getting the domain of your choice. See their terms and conditions before you start booking. Of course these domain names will be registered soon, and the cybersquatting business just got bigger and brands will need to spend more money to preserve their brand presence.

New domains

The pre-registration time can be very long as the dates for pre-registration already indicate April-May 2014.

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