Create Flickr Photo Books

Now you can compile your best Flickr photos into a high-quality Flickr Photo book to showcase your best photographs and put them on your coffee table.

After the free 1TB storage, Flickr has, at last, introduced what several photo sharing and photo hosting services were able to do for a long time… and finally let you get  a printed hardcover photo book.

Flickr Photo Books

flickr photo book
Go to to get started. It’s easy to select your best Flickr photos and edit them for the best size and fit, and then Flickr will do the rest. The Flickr book will have one photo per page is full size, high-quality luster paper, and a glossy dust jacket, and will surely be a pleasure to share. A coffee table book with your own best photos.

See this video to see how easy it is to create your own photo book in minutes.

The Flickr photo books is available in 20 page hardcover copy for $34.95. They charge $0.50 per additional page till a maximum of 240 pages. Right now they are shipping only in the US.

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