Free 1TB Online HD Photo Storage to All Flickr Users

Flickr got a big upgrade and gifted everyone a 1TB free HD photo storage space online so that you can upload all your photos, as much as you want. What was important is that Flickr also allowed unlimited high resolution photo uploads, and removed all the strange limits –  which was not possible earlier.

The New Flickr

Well how big is a terabyte of photos? Mostly you might never run out of space. 1 Terabyte will let you upload 350,000 10 megapixel photos!  Flickr wants you to upload every photo you have and share it without having to look for another online image hosting solution.

Free 1TB

They also dropped Flickr Pro, a premium Flickr upgrade (costing $25/yr) which allowed you to upload more images, more sets, unlimited viewing and higher resolution image and videos.  With so many free high resolution, high storage image hosting and online photo sharing services available, it was high time Flickr  held back their huge customer base. In fact they offered free Flickr Pro upgrades to everyone  last year, as well as Free Pro accounts to non-profit organizations to encourage users to try Flickr Pro.

Its great that Flickr removed all kinds of ridiculous limits on image viewing, resolutions, sets and uploads for all its free accounts. Actually Flickr now has new paid plans called Ad Free which remove all ads and Doublr, which adds another 1TB of storage space to your Flickr Account.

Ad Free Flickr

The new slideshow, dashboard and activity feed, promise a new seamless integration of photos from your social network. The new Flickr apps ensure you can upload and share your photos wherever you are.

We have been following Flickr ever since its early days tracking all the Great Flickr Tools, till it was acquired by Yahoo!  It has been a great journey to see the ups and downs of Flickr and this new Flickr avatar, though came late, yet seems destined to succeed.

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