Grab Free Flickr Pro Upgrade for 3 Months

Flickr is giving away holiday gifts and offering free Flickr Pro upgrades to all users, but only for 3 months. Under the new leadership of Marrisa Mayer, Flickr is trying to bring back Flickr loyalists and encourage them to spend money to get the Flickr Pro features.

Free Flickr Pro Upgrade

My Flickr Screen presented with this alert today and I gladly accepted the offer in one click.

flickr pro gift

What does the Flickr Pro account upgrade offer? Unlimited uploads upto 50 MB per photo. But be warned they do not allow you to use Flickr as a CDN. You also get unlimited viewing of all your archives (200 only for free accounts).  An important feature is you can organize photos into 60 groups (only 10 groups in free) and download HD photos too (only small size can be downloaded in free accounts). Then you can upload and play unlimited HD videos!

What happens after 3 months? Your Flickr gift is gone and you get back to the limitations of a free Flickr account. If you like the features, which you will if you actively use Flickr, then you can pay to upgrade for longer. I think the major features loss would be your photo group sets which will go away.

Grab you free Flickr Pro upgrade today at Well actually what they have invested in every Flickr user is $6.95, which is the cost to upgrade to Flickr Pro for 3 months.

Flickr upgrade

Flickr Pro has lots of good features, and they understand that if you use these for 3 months, you might be interested to continue as a pro user for $24.95 for a year or $44.95 for 2 years. Either way it is a good opportunity for ALL free Flickr users to get the free Flick Pro upgrade now before they change their mind.

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