Download DRM Free MP3 Songs Online for Rs. 5 at Flipkart

This weekend you can download DRM free mp3 songs online for Rs 5 only at Flipkart as part of their Christmas celebration deals. As part of the Universal music special, this offer is valid for this weekend only and over 200,000 songs are available for Rs 5. I usually listed to free bollywood hindi music online, but then you cannot download it.

Download Mp3 Songs

cheap mp3 musicFlyte, Flipkart’s digital music store is a convenient and legal way to download mp3 music online. Rs 5 is less than 10 cents per music track, and is hard to beat offer. While most free mp3 download sites offer free music downloads, the quality of music varies, its not legal, and you might be tricked into download viruses and malware. Online music selling stores offer legal music and DRM free, meaning free of digital rights management limitations. They still do not offer ways to download movies. (though you can still watch full movies online for free)

Flipkart offers an easy one click way to pay through the wallet feature, which mean you store some money in the wallet, and do not need to charge the credit or debit card everytime for Rs 5. All you music is stored in an online mp3 library available from anywhere, thought they allow maximum of 4 downloads per track. I find this is the best and cheapest way to buy legal music now.

download mp3 music

Whats more is that the downloaded songs are in high bitrate of 320 kbps, which means the you get all the voice clarity and song beats making it high quality sound for your listening pleasure. Grab this limited time offer and download favorite mp3 songs now for RS 5 only.

Update: Now Flipkart has closed down the Mp3 store and no longer sells MP3 music.

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