Flipkart Offers In-A-Day Delivery for Rs. 90

Flipkart is now offering one day delivery or in-a-day delivery option for Rs. 90 per item which promises 1 day delivery of products shipped through this option. As buyers always have the option to pick up products from the nearby store, online merchants are always in the race for faster delivery, with Amazon even considering air drones.

Flipkart One-Day Delivery!

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In India, many buyers will not wait for 3-5 days to get delivery of online ordered products, and will buy from a retail store instead. Flipkart has offered this great choice to customers, though for a price.

In the challenging online shopping business, Flipkart is gradually moving the free delivery option higher, such that now you have to buy at least Rs 500 goods, that too from the same seller WS Retail to get free shipping. Orders under Rs 500 are charged Rs 50 by Flipkart. Of course other sellers on Flipkart can choose their own delivery charges. Paying Rs 90 to get 1 day delivery is not too  bad if you urgently want something.

BTW Amazon India is still offering free delivery for all items Fulfilled by Amazon, though for a limited time, and this is going on for several months since the store was launched.

Fast Delivery Tips

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Here are some tips to get the best out of this deal

  • Before 6PM – Flipkart will delivery next day only if the order is placed before 6PM, else it will be carried on to the next later day.
  • Business days – they promise the deal for the next business day only. So if you order Saturday 4PM, they will not deliver on Sunday. Same applies for Government holidays, which are non-business days
  • Check pincode – it is a good idea to check if in-a-day delivery is available in your area. Right  now  this facility is only valid in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida and Pune.
  • Select sellers – This fast delivery is offered only by select sellers and for some products. See you product specific delivery options to see if the deal works.
  • Per item rate – Note the delivery rate of Rs 90 is per item and not per total shipment, which means every product will be charged Rs 90.

Failed Flipkart Delivery

What if you do not get the order the next day? They will refund you the delivery charge, and put double (!) the amount back in the Flipkart wallet, which can be used for the next purchase. Obviously they have only Rs 180 to lose per bad delivery, but it will encourage many people to use this facility, and earn them much more!

This will of course not apply if you were not home to receive the courier, or your commercial establishment was closed on Saturday. It will only apply if the courier was unable to deliver next day. If you selected cash on delivery, then you need to pay, but they will refund the payment online.

So what do you think about this deal?

2019: New Pincode Check

Update 2019: It seems Flipkart still is not able to provide one day delivery or next day delivery like Amazon which has been able to create large warehouses to enable superquick one day or 2 day delivery. But what flipkart has done is that you can add your pin-code and Flipkart will check your pin code and advise when delivery will be available or sometime the product can simply not be shipped your pincode!

flipkart delivery pincode

2 comments on “Flipkart Offers In-A-Day Delivery for Rs. 90

  1. Ankit Sharma says:

    Great article about Flipkart. Flipkart is one of the most popular online shopping portal.

  2. John says:

    Flipkart over the years has beome a leading market place. Now after building trust they are still striving for more customer friendly service. This is a good intiative for the people who wants immediate delivery with a little bit extra charges which is worth because flipkart also offers lot of exciting offers and people don’t mind paying a bit more for shipping for getting their products quickly.

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