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Amazon India store opened today on and promises to change online shopping in India. For the last year, Amazon was running an online Indian shopping search engine called Junglee, which compared prices across different online sellers across a huge range of online merchandise. marks the opening of an actual online Amazon store, that is actually more of a marketplace in India, which will enable multiple online sellers to choose different selling programs and compete with other popular online sellers like Flipkart.

Though previously through the Amazon Global international shipping program it was possible to get free International shipping to India for products over $125, it seems they have stopped this option from the International Amazon store for some time. However, Amazon Kindle in India did start selling at Croma stores for quite some time.

Amazon India Store

Products on sale – right now they are only selling books and movies, but the coming soon section suggests that they might sell cameras and mobile phones soon enough.

Amazon India

Free shipping – As a start-up bonus, right now Amazon is offering free shipping across India for any price range of products purchased on Amazon fulfilled orders. When the deal is over,  free shipping will be offered only for bills over Rs. 499, and for lower orders they will charge Rs. 49 per package.

Faster Shipping Time – Currently they will offer shipping in 2-4 Business Days or 5-10 Business Days, based on your postal address. Note that they will not ship internationally from the Amazon Indian store. Compare this with the long delivery time and huge shipping costs with custom duties from the Amazon US store, this would be preferable shopping destination.

Cash on delivery – This mode of payment is very popular in India has a large population does not want or does not have credit or debit cards and do not use online payment systems. Amazon fulfilled orders will support this mode of option and is sure to get popular in India.

Amazon fulfilled orders

amazon india sale

Amazon fulfilled versus seller fulfilled orders – Amazon offers two great ways to sell products online. Sellers can use the sophisticated delivery mechanisms of Amazon, and opt for Amazon fulfilled orders, or they can fulfill the orders themselves as Seller fulfilled orders. Amazon has also added search filters to choose Amazon fulfilled orders which are bound to get popular.

Amazon fulfilled orders would be an excellent option because they would be packed and delivered quickly by Amazon, get excellent post delivery support, courier tracking, returns would get free pickup! Moreover, Amazon fulfilled orders would also be eligible for a free delivery for a limited time, as well as be eligible for cash on delivery.

Amazon fulfilled orders

Did you know that the same Amazon ID will work on the store also! So what are you shopping on Amazon India store today.

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