Search to Buy Latest Gadgets in India is a new shopping search engine in India provided by that helps to find online shops that sell the latest gadgets, electronics, software, other goodies targeted primarily for Indian customers and buyers. It features Indian as well as international product listings. Junglee claims to have listings of 1.2 crore products of 14,000 Indian and global brands!

If you browse the top online shopping portals in India, you find that the most latest gadgets are missing from the shopping portals. If you visit, you will definitely find the latest gadgets selling online. However, most of these latest gadgets cannot be shipped to India due to various international export policies and trade rules.

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Even after launch, many of these latest gadgets do not ship in India. Many of these latest electronic gadgets are launched either late in India, and even if launched has few buyers due to their expensive price.

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The Junglee advantage – the advantage with is that you can search for the latest gadgets which you will find in the search engine listings, since many of them are sourced from  Since a lot of online Indian shops and traders are also competing for these listings, there is a good chance that you’ll find your latest gadget being sold locally in India from one of these online Indian sellers, at a cheaper discount; although it is difficult to beat the huge discounts on

It is a good idea to buy from these Indian sellers, since either they promote free shipping or the shipping will be cheap and you will get product delivery much faster than shipping from the US. Many of these sellers you might not even have heard of before, but they have big online shops and have a retail base which might feature the latest products. Junglee has given exposure to many online retailers like never before.

Buy from – If you visit to buy these latest products directly, you’ll find that many of them will not ship directly to India. But if you go through listings, and then visit the listings from their site, there’s a high chance that you will find products which can be shipped to India, of course after paying import duty fees for which they will also charge you at checkout. Agreed that it will cost more, but at least you will be able to buy the latest gadgets from the US, and shipped to your house in India in a few days. I am sure you agree that it’s better than not having your much desired gadget at all.

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Thus, I have been browsing around for the last two days and I have found a lot of useful products which I intend to buy from and other Indian sellers which I’d never heard of before. It also made me aware of smaller, lesser known sellers in India which store some cool products, and I can visit the site directly in future to buy some amazing stuff.

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