Tips and tricks about blogging with WordPress and doing it like a pro.

How to Change, Disable Image Compression in WordPress

compress images

Did you know you can change WordPress images compression, else WordPress will make your uploaded images and pictures blurry and pixelated? I used to get very surprised when I used to load HD or 4K images only to find that when I inserted images in the WordPress post the quality of images was suboptimal. I… Read more »

How to Change WordPress Password with PHPmyAdmin

wordpress hosting phpmyadmin

How to change WordPress password when you cannot log in? I lost my WordPress Password and the WordPress password reset URL email would not come!  I have been working on WordPress blogs for years now, but this was a tricky situation. Lost WordPress Password Why was this a problem? I created a new WordPress blog… Read more »

How to Lazy Load Comments in WordPress Blogs

lazy load comments

Lazy loading comments in WordPress blogs can increase the site loading speed should you decide to implement it on your WordPress blog. The main advantage of lazy loading comments will be very obvious in blogs with a large number of comments as they significantly increases the loading time of the webpage by increasing the webpage… Read more »

How to Auto-Update Plugins and WordPress Themes

wordpress auto update

WordPress now auto-updates plugins and themes automatically since WordPress 5.5 and this will enables the much-requested feature to be part of the WordPress core and enhance server security as it would auto patch security issues and bring feature updates on all installations in a one-click setup. I remember a decade back how tedious it used… Read more »

How to Remove Broken Internal Links Instantly in WordPress

broken internal links

Finding broken internal links in WordPress blogs is very essential as it not only leads to poor user experience but makes the crawl path of search engine bots difficult. This poor site crawlability makes for poor SEO rankings. Any SEO software will quickly flag this as an important SEO problem. However, if you have a… Read more »

How to Convert Category to Tags In WordPress the Right Way

category to tags

How can you convert category to post in WordPress blogs in a few minutes easily? Sometimes when you start your blog you are unclear about the site architecture and you continue to create multiple categories and later you realize that possibly labeling these posts with tags was a better option.  Categories are broad topics under… Read more »

How to Add Custom CSS Styles to WordPress Post Editor

add editor styles

You can add editor styles and change the WordPress Post Editor look with Custom CSS styles and create a pleasant writing experience that suits your eyes and makes you enjoy writing more than ever. I have been using white text on black background in post editor because it makes me work better… and you can… Read more »

How to Change WordPress Permalinks Structure The Right Way

permalink dates

Want to change WordPress permalinks structure? It can lead to 404 errors and huge SEO challenges if not done the right way. However, it is clear that if you have a date-based URL structure which includes the year, month or day and your content continues to get outdated, then it would receive much less search… Read more »

How to Change WordPress Login Page Logo & Background

Custom WordPress login

Did you know you change the WordPress login screen logo and background easily. Just as you have a custom WordPress theme and a unique site design, why should you not have a custom WP login page as well. By default, the WordPress login screen is same for ALL WordPress blogs and is typically located at /WordPressFolder/wp-admin/…. Read more »