Use Barley to Edit Live Posts Inline Without WordPress Admin

Barley for WordPress lets you edit your posts live in the browser, without going to WordPress admin edit screens repeatedly? Are you looking for a way to edit multiple posts from front end directly as you see them online, one after the other without having to worry about the back-end code changes that are needed with each post edit.

How about creating new posts directly in the browser without a need to go to the WordPress admin. Like the idea…

I needed a faster way to edit older posts in the archive to fix site content for Google Panda penalties. Revisiting the edit screen of every post and checking the final post outcome online is very tedious. There surely had to be a better way…

If only I could continue to see the post in the browser, edit the text, add a featured image, add tags and change links … all without having to go to the post edit screen repeatedly.

Barley for WordPress

I now use this cool WordPress plugin called Barley for WordPress which will allow me to do just that. When you activate the plugin, lots of options come down from the admin bar. Also, there are many inline options to add images, format text, etc. So here are the cool features you can do

  1. Create new posts, delete posts
  2. Edit Posts content, titles
  3. Format text – like bold, italics, add bullets
  4. Add images, media
  5. Add/Change featured images
  6. Add/Change tags and categories

inline editor

Pricing – Note it is not a free plugin. I purchased it for $12 / year and it is real value for money of you actually need it. A recent update suggests that the plugin has moved to CodeCanyon and now costs $22 per year per site.

Get Barley for WordPress now.

Barley Inline Live Editing Issues

1. No Save Button – You need to be careful what you edit as Barley will save the whole post instantly without repeated confirmation or Save buttons. Which means if you do a single edit, barley will autosave the change. I studied the edit page screen simultaneously and observed it can add lots of “p” tags for paragraphs, div tags, span tags for styling etc. So it is essential that if you do lots of cut pasting etc, then do look at the edit post screen to see what all tags have been added. Be sure of what you edit as the post changes might be irreversible.

2. Inline code inserts – We insert  Adsense in middle of posts and Barley will save that code in the post content itself. So when we intend to use the Barley plugin, we remove the Adsense code and then edit, so that the Adsense is not hard coded into the post content. Similarly if you use plugins to insert code inside posts like related posts etc, you need to lookout that it is not saved inside post content.

3. WordPress Theme support – If you try it on default WordPress themes, it will work well. But if you have a custom coded theme, it might be missing tags, classes which are essential for Barley to recognize different post elements. So it is a good idea to ensure your theme has settings as per their suggested guidelines.

4. Updates – Since the plugin is  not hosted in WordPress directory, plugin updates will only be available after you login to the Barley website and download the latest version.


  1. Olamosh says:

    Hi Chandra,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us regarding live post editing.

    Using this plugin is a smart idea, every blogger now wants to work Hard but in a smarter way. Looking at the feature of this plugin, i think it’s a must for all bloggers who want to make editing of article post easy.

    The price tag is ok, $12 investment is not much and i think most blogger will find it affordable and i will also be giving it a test but i will have suggest you guys make it a lifetime payment instead $12 yearly.

    Have a nice weekend

  2. suganya says:

    Hi ,
    Outstanding post, you have pointed out some good points , I also think this s a very fantastic website.Thank you for sharing .

  3. Gina K. says:

    This is a very interesting solution for someone that does a lot of posting and editing. Thank you very much for the tip.

  4. Ankit Bansal says:

    I actually landed here from Google search of faster ways to edit your article . I too wanted to do this for editing some of the old content on my website. This made my life easy.

  5. siya sinha says:

    This is really a great post, i can’t believe this that you can change on word press post without login of blog. This is a awesome tricks.

  6. suman singh says:

    This is a great tricks to change on word press post on browser Without loin of blog. Thanks for sharing awesome information.

  7. Chirag Mishra says:

    Very enlightening. It’s very helpful for bloggers who spends lots of time in the editing of a post. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  8. Ghulam Mustafa says:

    Great looking blog you have here!! Great stuff as always. Looking forward to giving it a read. I always found here awesome posts and i always enjoyed and gained a lot after reading your posts. I personally love these wonderful suggestions

  9. Hardy says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing this great plugin. I’ll definitely give it a try!

  10. Ahna Singh says:

    Great looking blog you have here!! Great stuff as always. Looking forward to giving it a read.

  11. Vivek Shukla says:

    once again you come with new trick. this was really cool and helpful for all bloggers who work on WordPress platform

  12. jai vignesh says:

    Very informative post. i mostly use the tools or the wordpress to ,Edit Live Posts, But after reading your article i changed my way. Thank you for uploading this post!!!!!

  13. Kundan Raj Bhattarai says:

    Well even if we proof read the post but after publishing it when we read it again, sometimes we find things which needs to be changed in the post. so, in that case this plugin will be useful to edit. So, worth giving a try.

  14. Yeasin Mia says:

    It’s very helpful for bloggers who spends lots of time in the editing of a post.

  15. Anuj says:

    For editing the older ones finding and editing I would say good tool. I was not aware of it thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Anuj

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