Best Way to Add Rel=NoFollow to Links in WordPress Posts

Do you wish to add rel=nofollow to links to your WordPress posts, but did not know how? I often feel the need to add nofollow to post links, but I always need to add them manually in the text edit mode. I sure wish this feature was in the WP core.

But now I have found a solution and this is how my Insert / edit link pop up screen looks like.

Rel nofollow link

Note the red arrow marks a new field which allows you to add a rel=”nofollow” link to your WordPress post in once click, without the need to manually edit the code each time. Manually adding nofollow works well if you have a few links to edit, but if you need this feature for many links and on a daily basis, then you will find this new checkbox really useful.

Add Rel=”NoFollow”

The secret here is using the WP plugin called Ultimate Nofollow. Activating the plugin enables this feature in the Insert/Edit link like you see in the screenshot above. It adds some more features which you might NOT need to change in settings – like removing nofollow in comments, adding nofollow to individual  blogroll links and some nofollow shortcodes.

Nofollow is Necessary – Ever since Google Panda and Penguin penalties have struck websites, it is important you do not pass pagerank to links you do not trust or are whose site quality you are not sure off. Adding rel=”nofollow”  to the links ensure search engine spiders do not follow these links and do not pass a pagerank trust vote to these links from your site. WordPress adds nofollow to all comment author links by default, but all links in your article are dofollow by default. Remember you also need to nofollow any affiliate or paid links and ensure you do not link out to bad neighborhoods.

Bulk Edit Tools  – In fact if you need an even more powerful way to add nofollow code to hundreds of links, I suggest you try the Outbound Link Manager which will power edit posts and pages with a clear overview of all your links, and easily add nofollow to hundreds of links in one go.

In fact I have requested this feature in WordPress Ideas, and you can join my voice in getting this useful feature implemented in WordPress future versions without a plugin. Thanks to Devtard for suggested this plugin there.


  1. Warren Whitlock says:

    The Panda and Penguin updates sound scary, but there’s no reason to worry about cleaning out existing links unless you hear from Google in a WebmasterTools message.

    DO worry about continuing the practices that can be penalized. I follow this simple rule.. I never automate conversation. This comment was written by me, never a bot, employee or service. I use tools to find interesting posts like this one, and then I don’t bother tracking the nofollow status on my blogs or the ones I post on.

    Google knows where the no-follow links go, and uses them to rank authority. DoFollow is still better, but one thing is certain. REAL people follow REAL conversations.

    Want to talk more? Google me, Find me on social media, or reply here. You’ll talk to the real me and we can have a real conversation :)

  2. Nick says:

    Good to know.

  3. trikaj says:

    good trik friends, i always used wp plugin for nofollow link

  4. Chadwin says:

    Thanks for the tip on the plugin ive been looking for a easier way to add no follow for some time its such a pain doing it manually.

  5. Chitra says:

    It is good to know that we can add no follow link to the wordpress posts

  6. Prashant says:

    Great short but descriptive guide. Nice to know about this. Have to use in future.

  7. Bilal Malik says:

    Thanks for this nice article about adding No follow links.

    Google Panda and Penguin have applied a lot of security to all sites and I think if we want to survive in blogging then we will have to give a look on these little things.

  8. Rick says:

    Thanks so much for this very useful post to enable nofollow in wordpress

  9. Myhox says:

    Thank you for sharing really useful tips to create no-follow links in WP. i have got here some new tips and would like to replicate them.

  10. Anu S says:

    I am very new to this, I’ve only knew what nofollow and dofollow were, never knew they pose a danger regarding google PR. I am very thankful for the epic information you provided.

  11. Backink Guru says:

    This article very useful for backlink creator. whose make real backlink for there website visitro

  12. Ravi Singh says:

    First thanks for sharing this information, really its very useful article for enable no follow link, it will really help to all newbies bloggers.

  13. Pawan says:

    Short and easily understandable post. I need this guide.

  14. Manish says:

    I was searching for this plugin. Thank you.
    I very much fear of PANDA now.

  15. Jerralyn Tanoc says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It is really important to add a re=”No follow” on every link to make sure that you are not building links to bad neighborhood.

  16. Ci Module says:

    The plugins work great, looking forward to see the results due the no follow comments

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    And time is money ;)

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