Most Powerful WordPress Plugin to Manage Outbound Links

Want to manage outbound links from your WordPress blog and need a powerful tool to visualize links by category, edit links, delete links and add nofollow to links in one click. After the Google Panda update, I was looking for such a tool for a long time to scan all outbound links to bad sites and power add nofollow to many links together.

Well some amazing people at SearchMatters decided to create the Outbound Links Manager, a powerful WordPress plugin, a single do it all plugin for managing all outbound links. Give it a try. First fix broken links, and then use this plugin to keep your outbound links in top shape.

Manage Outbound Links

After you install the plugin, it will let you sort all your posts by your archive months, or by category so you can review links stepwise. Then it gives you options to select the links and Remove links, Edit Links, Add or remove nofollow in bulk!

manage links

Then you can choose posts and view ALL the links that are present in the post and their anchor text, italics, bold, etc.

Review Links

Once you get to see all the links – you can decide to add nofollow, remove nofollow or edit the link text via html or even remove the link.

Edit Links

And the beauty of this outbound link manager is that it will do all these changes without even leaving the admin page and the changes can be tested immediately onsite by clicking the url if you wish. We use QuickCache for site caching and see no conflict with the caching of pages as it quickly updates the pages.

This plugin is highly recommended for power bloggers and will surely be useful for SEO as you monitor your outlinks with ease. Give it a try and let us know what you liked best about it.


  1. Irfan says:

    This will definitely going to help me in managing my time out of that busy schedule. Thank you for letting us know about such great plugin.

  2. Ricky Shah says:

    It is definitely the most amazing wordpress plugin. Thanks for letting us know about the plugin. It will definitely help (to some extent) to cure my Panda plagued site.

  3. Gaurang says:

    Awesome Share. Now, I dont need to add nofollow tag at every link.

  4. Fundas iphone 4 says:

    Usefull plugin, i ll try it…thanks

  5. merritt island fl printing says:

    I am going to give this plugin a try, I have some trackers for OBL, but I have not tried this one yet!

  6. Harsh Agrawal says:

    Great plugin and very useful…I wish if they add MOzrank or any other ranking see domain ranking…Life would be so easier ;)

  7. OrangAkaun says:

    Great tips..Thanks! I’m looking for this plugins actually.

  8. Taba Rama says:

    According to the report, the plugin was last updated on 2011-3-29 and it is compatible up-to 3.1.4. So, could you share some other such great plugin (updated for latest wp version)..

    Or can i still use that plugin (outdated).. Kindly reply..!

  9. Vanita says:

    installed today. great plugin. can i request a search feature? Jetpack shows that someone clicked a link on my site, one that i never added and i can’t seem to find this link anywhere. would have been great if i could use this plugin to search by link url

  10. rakesh kumar says:

    This is really a nice plugin if we have to manage rouge outbounds links from our website. Thanks for sharing with us. ~rakesh kumar

  11. Mahaveer Prasad Mawaliya says:

    It’s really a great plugin, i’ll use it for my site

  12. alex says:

    keep getting ‘fatal error’ when trying to install plugin. i even deactivated all other plugins before installing this but still same error.

    • Arsie Organo Jr says:

      Have you resolved it? I would like to try this also but wanted to know if this is working properly or not.

  13. Jason.Nguyen says:

    I usually install SEO Unlimited Plugin and i very like it

  14. Gretchen Louise says:

    This plugin gave me a great display of my outbound links, but none of the actions worked. It was “unable to remove link” and “unable to add nofollow”–basically unable to perform any functions other than showing me my outbound links. I’d love to see an update!

    • P. Chandra says:

      There might be some permission issues for the plugin. Have you checked if the cache plugin is interfering. Works super for me.

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