Quick Cache WordPress Plugin Goes Pro, Faster, Better

My favorite WordPress caching plugin Quick Cache went Pro and got lighter and faster. It seems the  lead developer Jason Caldwell has decided to actively develop and maintain the popular caching plugin and has decided to also introduce a Pro version for those who need those extra features to push caching to the limits, and support plugin development efforts.

I have been using Quick Cache for over 1.5 years now after switching from WP-Supercache and have never looked back. It is an exceptionally fast caching plugin and does a great job to make the site faster. My only grudge for all this time was that plugin updates were not being pushed, which was a security  hazard and active development was needed for such a popular plugin… and it just happened.

Quick Cache Pro

Here is what the old simple interface looked like earlier.

quickcache old ui

I upgraded Quick Cache today from WordPress and downloaded the Quick Cache Lite version for free. The Pro version is charged $15 one time for any number of installations and gets all free upgrades.

Key features missing  – like the  URI exclusion patterns, User-Agent exclusion patterns, HTTP referrer exclusion patterns, MD5 Version Salts – but many of these I did not use anyway. I am disappointed that The ‘Clear Cache’ button on top of Admin bar (which was really handy) is removed, which means every time you will need an extra 2 clicks.

Great new features  like the modern user interface, the bright colors and the new look is truly refreshing. I love the fact that many advanced options went away which were not needed for most webmasters (and confused them). I also like the fact that you can make the green Quick Cache working text in page source code bottom go away if you wish.

See the new interface – quickcache new ui

Should You buy Pro? Of course you can invest $15 to get some great features and also support maintanence of this amazing plugin  – but I am pretty happy with Quick Cache Lite – which is free and has all the features which I need.

Also remember that whenever the plugin updates –  the free Lite version will send an alert in WP admin and can be upgraded in one click as it is hosted in the WordPress plugin directory. Pro users will need to keep track of the developer website for updates.

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  1. Alex Cardo says:

    I’m using a W3-Total Cache at my new blog. Before I can’t use this plugin, because my hosting provider WP Engine didn’t accept this plugin. Now I try to tune up WP Installation on MT.

    Can you tell me please, do you use Quick Cash at your own blog? Do you use Genesis Framework to get this speed?
    Do you use special WP Hosting like WP Engine or you tuned up your blog on basic hosting???

    Thank you!

  2. Sravan says:

    Hi Chandra, I have applied this Quick Cache plugin after reading this article and it was a smooth transformation without much settings. It is a quick and easy to apply plugin. Thanks for bringing it up over here, I was actually looking for a plugin which can reduce our settings complexity. Before this I was using W3 Total Cache, but I am comfort with this great Quick Cache plugin.

    • P. Chandra says:

      Its really a great plugin. Super caching without all confusing options of W3 Total cache.

  3. spookseo says:

    It can be a little choosy at times because there are only few web host providers that work with it. However, once you already have the tool with you, you will in yourself that you will never go back. It is just the perfect thing that will fuel your SEO desires.

  4. Nancy Badillo says:


    I was not aware the new plugins was out for the Quick Cache. Thank you for sharing the knowledge. I will go ahead and start using the new upgrade. :-)

    • P. Chandra says:

      They are pushing new updates everyday! Good that the plugin is being actively maintained.

  5. Aion Online says:

    Great plugin. I use wordpress platform on all my websites and that is verry helpfull for me. Thanks alot.

  6. VISHAL MISHRA says:

    it is a great plugin and it works and thanks for your article.
    it really work great in our websites.

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