Best Way to Find All Broken Links on WordPress Blogs

Broken Links are bad for SEO. What is the best way to find broken links on your WordPress blog? There are many broken link checkers which will let you find broken links, and many paid SEO reports also which will help you identify broken links, but in WordPress it is easier.

I have been using the amazing Broken Links Checker plugin for quite some time since Panda updates became famous and it has helped us find and fix all broken links on our website.

Check Broken Links

Few months back, the first time we used the plugin it took several hours as it scanned across our entire site and you could continue to refresh and see how many links were broken and how many were redirects. Since over last 7 years, this was the first time we checked broken links in such a comprehensive way, nearly 10% of outbound links were broken!

broken links

This was a huge exercise to fix all links in thousands of posts, but the interface integrates very well in the WordPress admin and easily allows you to Edit url, unlink text or mark the url not broken.

Broken Links

There are many options about to optimize as per your schedule, with many other custom options. But as I continued to fix these urls, I realized it would take many weeks to fix up the entire site. The plugin meanwhile also offered a quick and powerful way to nofollow all such links and even add a CSS strikethrough on all broken links so visitors would not click through these broken 404 links.

fix broken links

This is a highly recommended plugin for all WordPress bloggers. Broken links are very bad for SEO and this is a very powerful tool to fix all broken urls in few clicks. Try it out and tell us how many broken urls did you find on your WordPress blog?


  1. Irfan@RealTimeTricks says:

    I have been using this plugin for sometimes now. The experience using it is awesome. You don’t even need to go to the settings of the plugin to find broken links all comes handy through desktop. A must recommended plugin.

  2. Theme Sauce says:

    This look easy and super quick way to find bad broken links!

  3. ShoutMeTech says:

    Been using this plugin for long and very useful….
    Another thing where this plugin can be very useful is when you change permalink and do a 301 redirection. It’s redirection tab will show all such links and with one click you can update all old redirected links to right one….

  4. MTS Transcription Services says:

    Great tips… I will use this plugin to check the broken links in my blog

  5. Lea says:

    I actually use this plugin. It’s good, one less thing to worry about.

  6. Wordpress Tips says:

    Great plugin you mentioned, i am already using this plugin and it works awesome and i really love this plugin.

    Thanks for sharing with other

  7. PrIyAnGsHu @ GeekyTricks says:

    Wow, that’s a nice plugin ! I have been looking for such a plugin which can fix all my broken links ! Gonna use it right away !

  8. Blog Lady says:

    Yep, I use the same plugin. It’s great and easy to use!

  9. Deborah says:

    Ah! Thank You for covering such an overlooked detail!

  10. prashanth says:

    i think it will be useful for me as I have deleted few tags which i doubt i earlier linked in many of my older posts. Checking.. thank u.

  11. Technloleash says:

    I have been using Broken link checker for a long time and i think it is really a must have plugin for all wordpress blogs.

  12. Razia Habib says:

    Really Need Pluggin.Thanks

  13. Dent says:

    I knew about this plugin 1 month before. This plugin is very sucessful, specially for Mediafire downloading page like my site. It could check for dead link on download page like mediafire, hotfile…

  14. India says:

    Well i was confused because when i searched i found various plugins then i dropped on your post that saved my time and choice,THanks

  15. Trung Nguyen says:

    Yep, this plugin is great to check link broken. I always install it for all my blog to check our link.

  16. Usman says:

    The plugin does a good job of identifying the broken links but I think the new version has less options than you have discussed in this article.

  17. Taswir Haider says:

    I tried Broken link checker plugin earlier but it slows down my site, so I have stopped using it. Now I am checking broken links through Google Webmaster Tools. Still your mentioned Broken Link Checker plugin worth a lot for every blogger.

  18. Animesh Roy says:

    Thanks for sharing about this helpful plugin because broken link is really a big problem to the bloggers. If a blog has over thousand number of posts then manually checking and fixing broken links are a big problem. This plugin is a real time saver. How it implements nofollow feature and a CSS strikethrough on broken links are nice. The bloggers will get huge benefit from it.

  19. Meghshyam says:

    I have been using Broken link checker for a long time and i think it is really a must have plugin for all wordpress blogs.

  20. Prithvi Kumar says:

    Great plugin, I am using this plugin from long time in my website. It is really great plugin to find broken links.

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